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1 /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * lsyscache.h
4  * Convenience routines for common queries in the system catalog cache.
5  *
6  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2018, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
7  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
8  *
9  * src/include/utils/lsyscache.h
10  *
11  *-------------------------------------------------------------------------
12  */
13 #ifndef LSYSCACHE_H
14 #define LSYSCACHE_H
16 #include "access/attnum.h"
17 #include "access/htup.h"
18 #include "nodes/pg_list.h"
20 /* Result list element for get_op_btree_interpretation */
21 typedef struct OpBtreeInterpretation
22 {
23  Oid opfamily_id; /* btree opfamily containing operator */
24  int strategy; /* its strategy number */
25  Oid oplefttype; /* declared left input datatype */
26  Oid oprighttype; /* declared right input datatype */
29 /* I/O function selector for get_type_io_data */
30 typedef enum IOFuncSelector
31 {
38 /* Flag bits for get_attstatsslot */
42 /* Result struct for get_attstatsslot */
43 typedef struct AttStatsSlot
44 {
45  /* Always filled: */
46  Oid staop; /* Actual staop for the found slot */
47  /* Filled if ATTSTATSSLOT_VALUES is specified: */
48  Oid valuetype; /* Actual datatype of the values */
49  Datum *values; /* slot's "values" array, or NULL if none */
50  int nvalues; /* length of values[], or 0 */
51  /* Filled if ATTSTATSSLOT_NUMBERS is specified: */
52  float4 *numbers; /* slot's "numbers" array, or NULL if none */
53  int nnumbers; /* length of numbers[], or 0 */
55  /* Remaining fields are private to get_attstatsslot/free_attstatsslot */
56  void *values_arr; /* palloc'd values array, if any */
57  void *numbers_arr; /* palloc'd numbers array, if any */
58 } AttStatsSlot;
60 /* Hook for plugins to get control in get_attavgwidth() */
61 typedef int32 (*get_attavgwidth_hook_type) (Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
64 extern bool op_in_opfamily(Oid opno, Oid opfamily);
65 extern int get_op_opfamily_strategy(Oid opno, Oid opfamily);
66 extern Oid get_op_opfamily_sortfamily(Oid opno, Oid opfamily);
67 extern void get_op_opfamily_properties(Oid opno, Oid opfamily, bool ordering_op,
68  int *strategy,
69  Oid *lefttype,
70  Oid *righttype);
71 extern Oid get_opfamily_member(Oid opfamily, Oid lefttype, Oid righttype,
72  int16 strategy);
73 extern bool get_ordering_op_properties(Oid opno,
74  Oid *opfamily, Oid *opcintype, int16 *strategy);
75 extern Oid get_equality_op_for_ordering_op(Oid opno, bool *reverse);
76 extern Oid get_ordering_op_for_equality_op(Oid opno, bool use_lhs_type);
77 extern List *get_mergejoin_opfamilies(Oid opno);
78 extern bool get_compatible_hash_operators(Oid opno,
79  Oid *lhs_opno, Oid *rhs_opno);
80 extern bool get_op_hash_functions(Oid opno,
81  RegProcedure *lhs_procno, RegProcedure *rhs_procno);
83 extern bool equality_ops_are_compatible(Oid opno1, Oid opno2);
84 extern Oid get_opfamily_proc(Oid opfamily, Oid lefttype, Oid righttype,
85  int16 procnum);
86 extern char *get_attname(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
87 extern char *get_relid_attribute_name(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
88 extern AttrNumber get_attnum(Oid relid, const char *attname);
89 extern char get_attidentity(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
90 extern Oid get_atttype(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
91 extern int32 get_atttypmod(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
92 extern void get_atttypetypmodcoll(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum,
93  Oid *typid, int32 *typmod, Oid *collid);
94 extern char *get_collation_name(Oid colloid);
95 extern char *get_constraint_name(Oid conoid);
96 extern char *get_language_name(Oid langoid, bool missing_ok);
97 extern Oid get_opclass_family(Oid opclass);
98 extern Oid get_opclass_input_type(Oid opclass);
99 extern RegProcedure get_opcode(Oid opno);
100 extern char *get_opname(Oid opno);
101 extern Oid get_op_rettype(Oid opno);
102 extern void op_input_types(Oid opno, Oid *lefttype, Oid *righttype);
103 extern bool op_mergejoinable(Oid opno, Oid inputtype);
104 extern bool op_hashjoinable(Oid opno, Oid inputtype);
105 extern bool op_strict(Oid opno);
106 extern char op_volatile(Oid opno);
107 extern Oid get_commutator(Oid opno);
108 extern Oid get_negator(Oid opno);
109 extern RegProcedure get_oprrest(Oid opno);
110 extern RegProcedure get_oprjoin(Oid opno);
111 extern char *get_func_name(Oid funcid);
112 extern Oid get_func_namespace(Oid funcid);
113 extern Oid get_func_rettype(Oid funcid);
114 extern int get_func_nargs(Oid funcid);
115 extern Oid get_func_signature(Oid funcid, Oid **argtypes, int *nargs);
116 extern Oid get_func_variadictype(Oid funcid);
117 extern bool get_func_retset(Oid funcid);
118 extern bool func_strict(Oid funcid);
119 extern char func_volatile(Oid funcid);
120 extern char func_parallel(Oid funcid);
121 extern bool get_func_isagg(Oid funcid);
122 extern bool get_func_leakproof(Oid funcid);
123 extern float4 get_func_cost(Oid funcid);
124 extern float4 get_func_rows(Oid funcid);
125 extern Oid get_relname_relid(const char *relname, Oid relnamespace);
126 extern char *get_rel_name(Oid relid);
127 extern Oid get_rel_namespace(Oid relid);
128 extern Oid get_rel_type_id(Oid relid);
129 extern char get_rel_relkind(Oid relid);
130 extern Oid get_rel_tablespace(Oid relid);
131 extern char get_rel_persistence(Oid relid);
132 extern Oid get_transform_fromsql(Oid typid, Oid langid, List *trftypes);
133 extern Oid get_transform_tosql(Oid typid, Oid langid, List *trftypes);
134 extern bool get_typisdefined(Oid typid);
135 extern int16 get_typlen(Oid typid);
136 extern bool get_typbyval(Oid typid);
137 extern void get_typlenbyval(Oid typid, int16 *typlen, bool *typbyval);
138 extern void get_typlenbyvalalign(Oid typid, int16 *typlen, bool *typbyval,
139  char *typalign);
140 extern Oid getTypeIOParam(HeapTuple typeTuple);
141 extern void get_type_io_data(Oid typid,
142  IOFuncSelector which_func,
143  int16 *typlen,
144  bool *typbyval,
145  char *typalign,
146  char *typdelim,
147  Oid *typioparam,
148  Oid *func);
149 extern char get_typstorage(Oid typid);
150 extern Node *get_typdefault(Oid typid);
151 extern char get_typtype(Oid typid);
152 extern bool type_is_rowtype(Oid typid);
153 extern bool type_is_enum(Oid typid);
154 extern bool type_is_range(Oid typid);
155 extern void get_type_category_preferred(Oid typid,
156  char *typcategory,
157  bool *typispreferred);
158 extern Oid get_typ_typrelid(Oid typid);
159 extern Oid get_element_type(Oid typid);
160 extern Oid get_array_type(Oid typid);
161 extern Oid get_promoted_array_type(Oid typid);
162 extern Oid get_base_element_type(Oid typid);
163 extern void getTypeInputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typInput, Oid *typIOParam);
164 extern void getTypeOutputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typOutput, bool *typIsVarlena);
165 extern void getTypeBinaryInputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typReceive, Oid *typIOParam);
166 extern void getTypeBinaryOutputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typSend, bool *typIsVarlena);
167 extern Oid get_typmodin(Oid typid);
168 extern Oid get_typcollation(Oid typid);
169 extern bool type_is_collatable(Oid typid);
170 extern Oid getBaseType(Oid typid);
171 extern Oid getBaseTypeAndTypmod(Oid typid, int32 *typmod);
172 extern int32 get_typavgwidth(Oid typid, int32 typmod);
173 extern int32 get_attavgwidth(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum);
174 extern bool get_attstatsslot(AttStatsSlot *sslot, HeapTuple statstuple,
175  int reqkind, Oid reqop, int flags);
176 extern void free_attstatsslot(AttStatsSlot *sslot);
177 extern char *get_namespace_name(Oid nspid);
178 extern char *get_namespace_name_or_temp(Oid nspid);
179 extern Oid get_range_subtype(Oid rangeOid);
181 #define type_is_array(typid) (get_element_type(typid) != InvalidOid)
182 /* type_is_array_domain accepts both plain arrays and domains over arrays */
183 #define type_is_array_domain(typid) (get_base_element_type(typid) != InvalidOid)
185 #define TypeIsToastable(typid) (get_typstorage(typid) != 'p')
187 #endif /* LSYSCACHE_H */
char get_attidentity(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:851
signed short int16
Definition: c.h:293
Oid get_promoted_array_type(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2569
bool get_op_hash_functions(Oid opno, RegProcedure *lhs_procno, RegProcedure *rhs_procno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:507
float4 get_func_rows(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1679
bool get_func_isagg(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1622
Oid get_func_namespace(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1436
Oid getBaseTypeAndTypmod(Oid typid, int32 *typmod)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2307
bool type_is_range(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2457
void get_typlenbyvalalign(Oid typid, int16 *typlen, bool *typbyval, char *typalign)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2040
void op_input_types(Oid opno, Oid *lefttype, Oid *righttype)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1167
Oid get_atttype(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:878
Oid get_equality_op_for_ordering_op(Oid opno, bool *reverse)
Definition: lsyscache.c:264
void getTypeInputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typInput, Oid *typIOParam)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2632
Oid get_rel_namespace(Oid relid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1769
int nnumbers
Definition: lsyscache.h:53
int32 get_attavgwidth(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2861
int32 get_atttypmod(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:905
bool get_ordering_op_properties(Oid opno, Oid *opfamily, Oid *opcintype, int16 *strategy)
Definition: lsyscache.c:204
void get_type_category_preferred(Oid typid, char *typcategory, bool *typispreferred)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2469
RegProcedure get_oprjoin(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1385
bool op_strict(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1281
regproc RegProcedure
Definition: c.h:453
Oid get_func_rettype(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1459
char * get_func_name(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1412
struct AttStatsSlot AttStatsSlot
void getTypeOutputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typOutput, bool *typIsVarlena)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2665
char get_rel_relkind(Oid relid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1820
Definition: nodes.h:512
void get_type_io_data(Oid typid, IOFuncSelector which_func, int16 *typlen, bool *typbyval, char *typalign, char *typdelim, Oid *typioparam, Oid *func)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2094
Oid get_rel_type_id(Oid relid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1796
bool op_hashjoinable(Oid opno, Oid inputtype)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1246
Definition: lsyscache.h:30
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31
char * get_attname(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:774
Oid get_ordering_op_for_equality_op(Oid opno, bool use_lhs_type)
Definition: lsyscache.c:302
float4 get_func_cost(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1660
Oid get_op_opfamily_sortfamily(Oid opno, Oid opfamily)
Definition: lsyscache.c:105
Definition: c.h:1074
signed int int32
Definition: c.h:294
Oid get_negator(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1337
bool equality_ops_are_compatible(Oid opno1, Oid opno2)
Definition: lsyscache.c:695
Oid get_array_type(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2545
char op_volatile(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1297
void * values_arr
Definition: lsyscache.h:56
struct OpBtreeInterpretation OpBtreeInterpretation
Oid get_typmodin(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2764
bool op_mergejoinable(Oid opno, Oid inputtype)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1195
char func_volatile(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1584
void get_op_opfamily_properties(Oid opno, Oid opfamily, bool ordering_op, int *strategy, Oid *lefttype, Oid *righttype)
Definition: lsyscache.c:133
Oid getTypeIOParam(HeapTuple typeTuple)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2072
char get_typtype(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2398
Oid get_rel_tablespace(Oid relid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1847
Oid get_commutator(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1313
float4 * numbers
Definition: lsyscache.h:52
List * get_op_btree_interpretation(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:598
bool get_attstatsslot(AttStatsSlot *sslot, HeapTuple statstuple, int reqkind, Oid reqop, int flags)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2928
char * get_opname(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1119
char * get_namespace_name(Oid nspid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:3066
PGDLLIMPORT get_attavgwidth_hook_type get_attavgwidth_hook
Definition: lsyscache.c:50
Oid get_func_variadictype(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1527
Oid get_op_rettype(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1142
AttrNumber get_attnum(Oid relid, const char *attname)
Definition: lsyscache.c:821
char * get_rel_name(Oid relid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1745
char * get_constraint_name(Oid conoid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:997
char * get_relid_attribute_name(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:801
Oid get_element_type(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2517
RegProcedure get_oprrest(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1361
void getTypeBinaryOutputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typSend, bool *typIsVarlena)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2731
Oid get_relname_relid(const char *relname, Oid relnamespace)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1702
char get_rel_persistence(Oid relid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1871
void free_attstatsslot(AttStatsSlot *sslot)
Definition: lsyscache.c:3044
void getTypeBinaryInputInfo(Oid type, Oid *typReceive, Oid *typIOParam)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2698
int get_op_opfamily_strategy(Oid opno, Oid opfamily)
Definition: lsyscache.c:80
Node * get_typdefault(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2217
float float4
Definition: c.h:438
Oid get_opfamily_proc(Oid opfamily, Oid lefttype, Oid righttype, int16 procnum)
Definition: lsyscache.c:744
Oid get_typ_typrelid(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2490
char func_parallel(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1603
bool op_in_opfamily(Oid opno, Oid opfamily)
Definition: lsyscache.c:63
Oid get_transform_fromsql(Oid typid, Oid langid, List *trftypes)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1891
int32 get_typavgwidth(Oid typid, int32 typmod)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2347
uintptr_t Datum
Definition: postgres.h:372
RegProcedure get_opcode(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1094
Oid get_opfamily_member(Oid opfamily, Oid lefttype, Oid righttype, int16 strategy)
Definition: lsyscache.c:163
int32(* get_attavgwidth_hook_type)(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum)
Definition: lsyscache.h:61
bool get_func_retset(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1546
Oid get_transform_tosql(Oid typid, Oid langid, List *trftypes)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1912
void get_atttypetypmodcoll(Oid relid, AttrNumber attnum, Oid *typid, int32 *typmod, Oid *collid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:935
Datum * values
Definition: lsyscache.h:49
Oid get_range_subtype(Oid rangeOid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:3107
bool get_typbyval(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1991
bool type_is_rowtype(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2424
List * get_mergejoin_opfamilies(Oid opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:363
Oid getBaseType(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2290
bool get_typisdefined(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1942
char get_typstorage(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2188
void get_typlenbyval(Oid typid, int16 *typlen, bool *typbyval)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2020
Oid get_opclass_family(Oid opclass)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1047
Oid get_opclass_input_type(Oid opclass)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1069
int get_func_nargs(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1478
char * get_language_name(Oid langoid, bool missing_ok)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1018
bool type_is_enum(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2447
char * get_namespace_name_or_temp(Oid nspid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:3090
void * numbers_arr
Definition: lsyscache.h:57
bool get_func_leakproof(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1641
Oid get_typcollation(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2814
Oid valuetype
Definition: lsyscache.h:48
bool func_strict(Oid funcid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1565
char * get_collation_name(Oid colloid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:967
Definition: pg_list.h:45
int16 AttrNumber
Definition: attnum.h:21
Oid get_base_element_type(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2590
int16 get_typlen(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1966
Oid get_func_signature(Oid funcid, Oid **argtypes, int *nargs)
Definition: lsyscache.c:1500
bool type_is_collatable(Oid typid)
Definition: lsyscache.c:2839
bool get_compatible_hash_operators(Oid opno, Oid *lhs_opno, Oid *rhs_opno)
Definition: lsyscache.c:407