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pg_class.h File Reference
#include "catalog/genbki.h"
#include "catalog/pg_class_d.h"
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#define CLASS_TUPLE_SIZE   (offsetof(FormData_pg_class,relminmxid) + sizeof(TransactionId))


typedef FormData_pg_classForm_pg_class


 CATALOG (pg_class, 1259, RelationRelationId) BKI_BOOTSTRAP BKI_ROWTYPE_OID(83
Oid relnamespace BKI_DEFAULT (PGNSP)
Oid reltype BKI_LOOKUP (pg_type)
Oid reloftype BKI_DEFAULT (0) BKI_LOOKUP(pg_type)
Oid relowner BKI_DEFAULT (PGUID)
Oid relam BKI_DEFAULT (heap) BKI_LOOKUP(pg_am)
float4 reltuples BKI_DEFAULT (-1)
bool relhasindex BKI_DEFAULT (f)
char relpersistence BKI_DEFAULT (p)
char relkind BKI_DEFAULT (r)
bool relispopulated BKI_DEFAULT (t)
char relreplident BKI_DEFAULT (n)
TransactionId relfrozenxid BKI_DEFAULT (3)
TransactionId relminmxid BKI_DEFAULT (1)


RelationRelation_Rowtype_Id BKI_SCHEMA_MACRO
NameData relname

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Typedef Documentation

◆ Form_pg_class

Definition at line 153 of file pg_class.h.

Function Documentation

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [1/12]

Oid relnamespace BKI_DEFAULT ( PGNSP  )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [2/12]

Oid reloftype BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [3/12]

Oid relowner BKI_DEFAULT ( PGUID  )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [4/12]

Oid relam BKI_DEFAULT ( heap  )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [5/12]

float4 reltuples BKI_DEFAULT ( 1)

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [6/12]

bool relhasindex BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [7/12]

char relpersistence BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [8/12]

char relkind BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [9/12]

bool relispopulated BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [10/12]

char relreplident BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [11/12]

TransactionId relfrozenxid BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [12/12]

TransactionId relminmxid BKI_DEFAULT ( )


oidvector proargtypes BKI_LOOKUP ( pg_type  )


CATALOG ( pg_class  ,
1259  ,

Variable Documentation


RelationRelation_Rowtype_Id BKI_SCHEMA_MACRO
Initial value:
Oid oid
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31

Definition at line 33 of file pg_class.h.

◆ FormData_pg_class


Definition at line 142 of file pg_class.h.

◆ relname

NameData relname

Definition at line 38 of file pg_class.h.

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