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pg_class.h File Reference
#include "catalog/genbki.h"
#include "catalog/pg_class_d.h"
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#define CLASS_TUPLE_SIZE   (offsetof(FormData_pg_class,relminmxid) + sizeof(TransactionId))


typedef FormData_pg_classForm_pg_class


 CATALOG (pg_class, 1259, RelationRelationId) BKI_BOOTSTRAP BKI_ROWTYPE_OID(83
Oid relnamespace BKI_DEFAULT (PGNSP)
Oid reltype BKI_LOOKUP (pg_type)
Oid reloftype BKI_DEFAULT (0) BKI_LOOKUP(pg_type)
Oid relowner BKI_DEFAULT (PGUID)
Oid relam BKI_LOOKUP (pg_am)


RelationRelation_Rowtype_Id BKI_SCHEMA_MACRO
NameData relname
Oid relfilenode
int32 relpages
float4 reltuples
int32 relallvisible
Oid reltoastrelid
bool relhasindex
bool relisshared
char relpersistence
char relkind
int16 relnatts
int16 relchecks
bool relhasrules
bool relhastriggers
bool relhassubclass
bool relrowsecurity
bool relforcerowsecurity
bool relispopulated
char relreplident
bool relispartition
TransactionId relfrozenxid
TransactionId relminmxid

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Typedef Documentation

◆ Form_pg_class

Definition at line 150 of file pg_class.h.

Function Documentation

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [1/3]

Oid relnamespace BKI_DEFAULT ( PGNSP  )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [2/3]

Oid reloftype BKI_DEFAULT ( )

◆ BKI_DEFAULT() [3/3]

Oid relowner BKI_DEFAULT ( PGUID  )

◆ BKI_LOOKUP() [1/2]

oidvector proargtypes BKI_LOOKUP ( pg_type  )

◆ BKI_LOOKUP() [2/2]

Oid relam BKI_LOOKUP ( pg_am  )


CATALOG ( pg_class  ,
1259  ,

Variable Documentation


RelationRelation_Rowtype_Id BKI_SCHEMA_MACRO
Initial value:
Oid oid
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31

Definition at line 30 of file pg_class.h.

◆ FormData_pg_class


Definition at line 139 of file pg_class.h.

◆ relallvisible

int32 relallvisible

◆ relchecks

int16 relchecks

Definition at line 93 of file pg_class.h.

◆ relfilenode

Oid relfilenode

Definition at line 54 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by pg_filenode_relation(), RelationBuildLocalRelation(), and RelidByRelfilenode().

◆ relforcerowsecurity

bool relforcerowsecurity

Definition at line 108 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by ATExecForceNoForceRowSecurity(), and check_enable_rls().

◆ relfrozenxid

TransactionId relfrozenxid

◆ relhasindex

bool relhasindex

Definition at line 72 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by ExecOpenIndices(), and RelationGetIndexAttrBitmap().

◆ relhasrules

bool relhasrules

Definition at line 96 of file pg_class.h.

◆ relhassubclass

bool relhassubclass

Definition at line 102 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by has_subclass(), and SetRelationHasSubclass().

◆ relhastriggers

bool relhastriggers

Definition at line 99 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by CreateTrigger().

◆ relispartition

◆ relispopulated

bool relispopulated

Definition at line 111 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by SetMatViewPopulatedState().

◆ relisshared

bool relisshared

Definition at line 75 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by do_autovacuum().

◆ relkind

◆ relminmxid

TransactionId relminmxid

◆ relname

NameData relname

Definition at line 35 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by _copyRangeVar(), _copyWithCheckOption(), _equalRangeVar(), _equalWithCheckOption(), _outRangeVar(), _outWithCheckOption(), _readRangeVar(), _readWithCheckOption(), autoinc(), bt_metap(), bt_page_items(), bt_page_stats(), check_foreign_key(), check_primary_key(), ChooseRelationName(), connectby_text(), connectby_text_serial(), conversion_error_callback(), currtid_byrelname(), DefineRelation(), deparseAnalyzeSizeSql(), deparseRelation(), describeOneTableDetails(), describeTableDetails(), dolink(), exec_rt_fetch(), ExpandColumnRefStar(), fetch_remote_table_info(), fetch_table_list(), generate_qualified_relation_name(), generate_relation_name(), get_create_object_cmd(), get_object_address_attrdef(), get_object_address_attribute(), get_object_address_publication_rel(), get_object_address_relobject(), get_raw_page(), get_raw_page_fork(), get_rel_infos(), get_relation_name(), get_sql_delete(), get_sql_insert(), get_sql_update(), get_tuple_of_interest(), getRelationDescription(), heap_truncate_check_FKs(), insert_username(), lazy_scan_heap(), LockTableRecurse(), LockViewRecurse_walker(), logicalrep_write_rel(), makeRangeVar(), map_sql_schema_to_xmlschema_types(), moddatetime(), namecheck(), pg_get_expr(), pg_get_expr_ext(), pg_relpages(), pg_relpages_v1_5(), pgrowlocks(), pgstatindex(), pgstatindex_v1_5(), pgstattuple(), pgstattuple_v1_5(), postgresExplainForeignScan(), print_expr(), print_maps(), process_owned_by(), RelationIsVisible(), report_triggers(), text_regclass(), transformColumnRef(), truncate_check_rel(), ttdummy(), vacuum_is_relation_owner(), and xpath_table().

◆ relnatts

int16 relnatts

Definition at line 84 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by ATExecAddColumn(), fixup_whole_row_references(), and refresh_by_match_merge().

◆ relpages

◆ relpersistence

◆ relreplident

char relreplident

Definition at line 114 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by describeOneTableDetails().

◆ relrowsecurity

bool relrowsecurity

Definition at line 105 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by ATExecDisableRowSecurity(), ATExecEnableRowSecurity(), and check_enable_rls().

◆ reltoastrelid

Oid reltoastrelid

Definition at line 69 of file pg_class.h.

Referenced by ATExecSetTableSpace(), and create_toast_table().

◆ reltuples