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1 /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * streamutil.h
4  *
5  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2023, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
6  *
8  * src/bin/pg_basebackup/streamutil.h
9  *-------------------------------------------------------------------------
10  */
12 #ifndef STREAMUTIL_H
13 #define STREAMUTIL_H
15 #include "access/xlogdefs.h"
16 #include "datatype/timestamp.h"
17 #include "libpq-fe.h"
18 #include "pqexpbuffer.h"
20 extern const char *progname;
21 extern char *connection_string;
22 extern char *dbhost;
23 extern char *dbuser;
24 extern char *dbport;
25 extern char *dbname;
26 extern int dbgetpassword;
27 extern int WalSegSz;
29 /* Connection kept global so we can disconnect easily */
30 extern PGconn *conn;
32 extern PGconn *GetConnection(void);
34 /* Replication commands */
35 extern bool CreateReplicationSlot(PGconn *conn, const char *slot_name,
36  const char *plugin, bool is_temporary,
37  bool is_physical, bool reserve_wal,
38  bool slot_exists_ok, bool two_phase);
39 extern bool DropReplicationSlot(PGconn *conn, const char *slot_name);
40 extern bool RunIdentifySystem(PGconn *conn, char **sysid,
41  TimeLineID *starttli,
43  char **db_name);
46  bool use_new_option_syntax,
47  char *option_name);
49  bool use_new_option_syntax,
50  char *option_name, char *option_value);
52  bool use_new_option_syntax,
53  char *option_name, int32 option_value);
55 extern bool GetSlotInformation(PGconn *conn, const char *slot_name,
56  XLogRecPtr *restart_lsn,
57  TimeLineID *restart_tli);
58 extern bool RetrieveWalSegSize(PGconn *conn);
61  long *secs, int *microsecs);
64  int msec);
65 extern void fe_sendint64(int64 i, char *buf);
66 extern int64 fe_recvint64(char *buf);
68 #endif /* STREAMUTIL_H */
signed int int32
Definition: c.h:483
int64 TimestampTz
Definition: timestamp.h:39
int i
Definition: isn.c:73
static time_t start_time
Definition: pg_ctl.c:94
static bool slot_exists_ok
Definition: pg_receivewal.c:50
static bool two_phase
static const char * plugin
static XLogRecPtr startpos
static char * buf
Definition: pg_test_fsync.c:73
void AppendIntegerCommandOption(PQExpBuffer buf, bool use_new_option_syntax, char *option_name, int32 option_value)
Definition: streamutil.c:784
int dbgetpassword
Definition: streamutil.c:52
bool RetrieveWalSegSize(PGconn *conn)
Definition: streamutil.c:275
int WalSegSz
Definition: streamutil.c:34
char * dbhost
Definition: streamutil.c:48
int64 fe_recvint64(char *buf)
Definition: streamutil.c:862
bool CreateReplicationSlot(PGconn *conn, const char *slot_name, const char *plugin, bool is_temporary, bool is_physical, bool reserve_wal, bool slot_exists_ok, bool two_phase)
Definition: streamutil.c:583
TimestampTz feGetCurrentTimestamp(void)
Definition: streamutil.c:797
char * dbport
Definition: streamutil.c:50
void feTimestampDifference(TimestampTz start_time, TimestampTz stop_time, long *secs, int *microsecs)
Definition: streamutil.c:816
void AppendPlainCommandOption(PQExpBuffer buf, bool use_new_option_syntax, char *option_name)
Definition: streamutil.c:740
void AppendStringCommandOption(PQExpBuffer buf, bool use_new_option_syntax, char *option_name, char *option_value)
Definition: streamutil.c:761
void fe_sendint64(int64 i, char *buf)
Definition: streamutil.c:851
char * connection_string
Definition: streamutil.c:47
PGconn * GetConnection(void)
Definition: streamutil.c:62
bool feTimestampDifferenceExceeds(TimestampTz start_time, TimestampTz stop_time, int msec)
Definition: streamutil.c:838
bool GetSlotInformation(PGconn *conn, const char *slot_name, XLogRecPtr *restart_lsn, TimeLineID *restart_tli)
Definition: streamutil.c:489
const char * progname
Definition: main.c:45
bool DropReplicationSlot(PGconn *conn, const char *slot_name)
Definition: streamutil.c:691
char * dbname
Definition: streamutil.c:51
PGconn * conn
Definition: streamutil.c:54
bool RunIdentifySystem(PGconn *conn, char **sysid, TimeLineID *starttli, XLogRecPtr *startpos, char **db_name)
Definition: streamutil.c:408
char * dbuser
Definition: streamutil.c:49
uint64 XLogRecPtr
Definition: xlogdefs.h:21
uint32 TimeLineID
Definition: xlogdefs.h:59