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AppendState Struct Reference

#include <execnodes.h>

Data Fields

PlanState ps
PlanState ** appendplans
int as_nplans
int as_whichplan
bool as_begun
int as_nasyncplans
AsyncRequest ** as_asyncrequests
TupleTableSlot ** as_asyncresults
int as_nasyncresults
bool as_syncdone
int as_nasyncremain
struct WaitEventSetas_eventset
int as_first_partial_plan
Size pstate_len
struct PartitionPruneStateas_prune_state
bool as_valid_subplans_identified
bool(* choose_next_subplan )(AppendState *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1437 of file execnodes.h.

Field Documentation

◆ appendplans

PlanState** AppendState::appendplans

◆ as_asyncplans

Bitmapset* AppendState::as_asyncplans

◆ as_asyncrequests

AsyncRequest** AppendState::as_asyncrequests

◆ as_asyncresults

TupleTableSlot** AppendState::as_asyncresults

Definition at line 1447 of file execnodes.h.

Referenced by ExecAppendAsyncRequest(), ExecAsyncAppendResponse(), and ExecInitAppend().

◆ as_begun

bool AppendState::as_begun

Definition at line 1443 of file execnodes.h.

Referenced by ExecAppend(), ExecInitAppend(), and ExecReScanAppend().

◆ as_eventset

struct WaitEventSet* AppendState::as_eventset

◆ as_first_partial_plan

int AppendState::as_first_partial_plan

◆ as_nasyncplans

◆ as_nasyncremain

◆ as_nasyncresults

int AppendState::as_nasyncresults

◆ as_needrequest

◆ as_nplans

◆ as_prune_state

◆ as_pstate

◆ as_syncdone

◆ as_valid_asyncplans

Bitmapset* AppendState::as_valid_asyncplans

◆ as_valid_subplans

◆ as_valid_subplans_identified

◆ as_whichplan

◆ choose_next_subplan

bool(* AppendState::choose_next_subplan) (AppendState *)

◆ ps

◆ pstate_len

Size AppendState::pstate_len

Definition at line 1458 of file execnodes.h.

Referenced by ExecAppendEstimate(), and ExecAppendInitializeDSM().

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