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TupleTableSlot Struct Reference

#include <tuptable.h>

Data Fields

NodeTag type
bool tts_isempty
bool tts_shouldFree
bool tts_shouldFreeMin
bool tts_slow
HeapTuple tts_tuple
TupleDesc tts_tupleDescriptor
MemoryContext tts_mcxt
Buffer tts_buffer
int tts_nvalid
MinimalTuple tts_mintuple
HeapTupleData tts_minhdr
long tts_off

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file tuptable.h.

Field Documentation

◆ tts_buffer

Buffer TupleTableSlot::tts_buffer

◆ tts_isempty

◆ tts_isnull

◆ tts_mcxt

◆ tts_minhdr

HeapTupleData TupleTableSlot::tts_minhdr

Definition at line 128 of file tuptable.h.

Referenced by ExecInterpExpr(), ExecStoreMinimalTuple(), slot_attisnull(), and slot_getattr().

◆ tts_mintuple

◆ tts_nvalid

◆ tts_off

long TupleTableSlot::tts_off

Definition at line 129 of file tuptable.h.

Referenced by slot_deform_tuple().

◆ tts_shouldFree

bool TupleTableSlot::tts_shouldFree

◆ tts_shouldFreeMin

bool TupleTableSlot::tts_shouldFreeMin

◆ tts_slow

bool TupleTableSlot::tts_slow

Definition at line 119 of file tuptable.h.

Referenced by slot_deform_tuple().

◆ tts_tuple

◆ tts_tupleDescriptor

◆ tts_values

◆ type

NodeTag TupleTableSlot::type

Definition at line 115 of file tuptable.h.

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