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ForeignKeyOptInfo Struct Reference

#include <pathnodes.h>

Public Member Functions

 pg_node_attr (custom_read_write, no_copy_equal, no_read, no_query_jumble) NodeTag type
AttrNumber conkey[INDEX_MAX_KEYSpg_node_attr (array_size(nkeys))
AttrNumber confkey[INDEX_MAX_KEYSpg_node_attr (array_size(nkeys))
Oid conpfeqop[INDEX_MAX_KEYSpg_node_attr (array_size(nkeys))

Data Fields

Index con_relid
Index ref_relid
int nkeys
int nmatched_ec
int nconst_ec
int nmatched_rcols
int nmatched_ri
struct EquivalenceClasseclass [INDEX_MAX_KEYS]
struct EquivalenceMemberfk_eclass_member [INDEX_MAX_KEYS]
Listrinfos [INDEX_MAX_KEYS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1210 of file pathnodes.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ pg_node_attr() [1/4]

AttrNumber conkey [INDEX_MAX_KEYS] ForeignKeyOptInfo::pg_node_attr ( array_size(nkeys )

◆ pg_node_attr() [2/4]

AttrNumber confkey [INDEX_MAX_KEYS] ForeignKeyOptInfo::pg_node_attr ( array_size(nkeys )

◆ pg_node_attr() [3/4]

Oid conpfeqop [INDEX_MAX_KEYS] ForeignKeyOptInfo::pg_node_attr ( array_size(nkeys )

◆ pg_node_attr() [4/4]

ForeignKeyOptInfo::pg_node_attr ( custom_read_write  ,
no_copy_equal  ,
no_read  ,

Field Documentation

◆ con_relid

◆ eclass

◆ fk_eclass_member

struct EquivalenceMember* ForeignKeyOptInfo::fk_eclass_member[INDEX_MAX_KEYS]

◆ nconst_ec

int ForeignKeyOptInfo::nconst_ec

◆ nkeys

int ForeignKeyOptInfo::nkeys

◆ nmatched_ec

int ForeignKeyOptInfo::nmatched_ec

◆ nmatched_rcols

int ForeignKeyOptInfo::nmatched_rcols

Definition at line 1242 of file pathnodes.h.

Referenced by get_relation_foreign_keys(), and match_foreign_keys_to_quals().

◆ nmatched_ri

int ForeignKeyOptInfo::nmatched_ri

◆ ref_relid

◆ rinfos

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