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HeapScanDescData Struct Reference

#include <heapam.h>

Data Fields

TableScanDescData rs_base
BlockNumber rs_nblocks
BlockNumber rs_startblock
BlockNumber rs_numblocks
bool rs_inited
OffsetNumber rs_coffset
BlockNumber rs_cblock
Buffer rs_cbuf
BufferAccessStrategy rs_strategy
HeapTupleData rs_ctup
int rs_cindex
int rs_ntuples
OffsetNumber rs_vistuples [MaxHeapTuplesPerPage]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file heapam.h.

Field Documentation

◆ rs_base

◆ rs_cblock

◆ rs_cbuf

◆ rs_cindex

◆ rs_coffset

OffsetNumber HeapScanDescData::rs_coffset

Definition at line 60 of file heapam.h.

Referenced by heapgettup_continue_page().

◆ rs_ctup

◆ rs_inited

◆ rs_nblocks

◆ rs_ntuples

int HeapScanDescData::rs_ntuples

◆ rs_numblocks

BlockNumber HeapScanDescData::rs_numblocks

◆ rs_parallelworkerdata

ParallelBlockTableScanWorkerData* HeapScanDescData::rs_parallelworkerdata

◆ rs_startblock

◆ rs_strategy

BufferAccessStrategy HeapScanDescData::rs_strategy

Definition at line 65 of file heapam.h.

Referenced by heap_beginscan(), heap_endscan(), heapgetpage(), initscan(), and pgstat_heap().

◆ rs_vistuples

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