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Trigger Struct Reference

#include <reltrigger.h>

Data Fields

Oid tgoid
char * tgname
Oid tgfoid
int16 tgtype
char tgenabled
bool tgisinternal
bool tgisclone
Oid tgconstrrelid
Oid tgconstrindid
Oid tgconstraint
bool tgdeferrable
bool tginitdeferred
int16 tgnargs
int16 tgnattr
char ** tgargs
char * tgqual
char * tgoldtable
char * tgnewtable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file reltrigger.h.

Field Documentation

◆ tgargs

◆ tgattr

int16* Trigger::tgattr

◆ tgconstraint

◆ tgconstrindid

◆ tgconstrrelid

◆ tgdeferrable

◆ tgenabled

◆ tgfoid

Oid Trigger::tgfoid

◆ tginitdeferred

◆ tgisclone

bool Trigger::tgisclone

Definition at line 32 of file reltrigger.h.

Referenced by ExecBRInsertTriggers(), FreeTriggerDesc(), and RelationBuildTriggers().

◆ tgisinternal

bool Trigger::tgisinternal

◆ tgname

◆ tgnargs

◆ tgnattr

int16 Trigger::tgnattr

◆ tgnewtable

◆ tgoid

◆ tgoldtable

◆ tgqual

char* Trigger::tgqual

◆ tgtype

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