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scanner.h File Reference
#include "common/keywords.h"
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Data Structures

union  core_YYSTYPE
struct  core_yy_extra_type


#define YYLTYPE   int


typedef union core_YYSTYPE core_YYSTYPE
typedef struct core_yy_extra_type core_yy_extra_type
typedef void * core_yyscan_t


core_yyscan_t scanner_init (const char *str, core_yy_extra_type *yyext, const ScanKeyword *keywords, int num_keywords)
void scanner_finish (core_yyscan_t yyscanner)
int core_yylex (core_YYSTYPE *lvalp, YYLTYPE *llocp, core_yyscan_t yyscanner)
int scanner_errposition (int location, core_yyscan_t yyscanner)
void scanner_yyerror (const char *message, core_yyscan_t yyscanner) pg_attribute_noreturn()

Macro Definition Documentation


#define YYLTYPE   int

Definition at line 44 of file scanner.h.

Referenced by base_yylex(), fill_in_constant_lengths(), and filtered_base_yylex().

Typedef Documentation

◆ core_yy_extra_type

◆ core_yyscan_t

Definition at line 116 of file scanner.h.

◆ core_YYSTYPE

Function Documentation

◆ core_yylex()

int core_yylex ( core_YYSTYPE lvalp,
YYLTYPE llocp,
core_yyscan_t  yyscanner 

◆ scanner_errposition()

int scanner_errposition ( int  location,
core_yyscan_t  yyscanner 

◆ scanner_finish()

void scanner_finish ( core_yyscan_t  yyscanner)

◆ scanner_init()

core_yyscan_t scanner_init ( const char *  str,
core_yy_extra_type yyext,
const ScanKeyword keywords,
int  num_keywords 

◆ scanner_yyerror()

void scanner_yyerror ( const char *  message,
core_yyscan_t  yyscanner