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LogicalDecodingContext Struct Reference

#include <logical.h>

Data Fields

MemoryContext context
LogicalDecodingXLogPageReadCB page_read
struct ReorderBufferreorder
struct SnapBuildsnapshot_builder
bool fast_forward
OutputPluginCallbacks callbacks
OutputPluginOptions options
LogicalOutputPluginWriterPrepareWrite prepare_write
LogicalOutputPluginWriterWrite write
LogicalOutputPluginWriterUpdateProgress update_progress
StringInfo out
void * output_plugin_private
void * output_writer_private
bool streaming
bool twophase
bool accept_writes
bool prepared_write
XLogRecPtr write_location
TransactionId write_xid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file logical.h.

Field Documentation

◆ accept_writes

◆ callbacks

◆ context

◆ fast_forward

◆ options

OutputPluginOptions LogicalDecodingContext::options

Definition at line 56 of file logical.h.

Referenced by CreateDecodingContext(), and CreateInitDecodingContext().

◆ out

◆ output_plugin_options

List* LogicalDecodingContext::output_plugin_options

Definition at line 61 of file logical.h.

Referenced by pg_decode_startup(), pgoutput_startup(), and StartupDecodingContext().

◆ output_plugin_private

◆ output_writer_private

void* LogicalDecodingContext::output_writer_private

Definition at line 83 of file logical.h.

Referenced by LogicalOutputWrite().

◆ page_read

◆ prepare_write

LogicalOutputPluginWriterPrepareWrite LogicalDecodingContext::prepare_write

Definition at line 66 of file logical.h.

Referenced by OutputPluginPrepareWrite(), and StartupDecodingContext().

◆ prepared_write

bool LogicalDecodingContext::prepared_write

Definition at line 99 of file logical.h.

Referenced by OutputPluginPrepareWrite(), and OutputPluginWrite().

◆ reader

◆ reorder

◆ slot

◆ snapshot_builder

◆ streaming

◆ twophase

◆ update_progress

LogicalOutputPluginWriterUpdateProgress LogicalDecodingContext::update_progress

Definition at line 68 of file logical.h.

Referenced by OutputPluginUpdateProgress(), and StartupDecodingContext().

◆ write

LogicalOutputPluginWriterWrite LogicalDecodingContext::write

Definition at line 67 of file logical.h.

Referenced by OutputPluginWrite(), and StartupDecodingContext().

◆ write_location

◆ write_xid

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