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1 /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * nodeHash.h
4  * prototypes for nodeHash.c
5  *
6  *
7  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2017, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
8  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
9  *
10  * src/include/executor/nodeHash.h
11  *
12  *-------------------------------------------------------------------------
13  */
14 #ifndef NODEHASH_H
15 #define NODEHASH_H
17 #include "nodes/execnodes.h"
19 extern HashState *ExecInitHash(Hash *node, EState *estate, int eflags);
20 extern Node *MultiExecHash(HashState *node);
21 extern void ExecEndHash(HashState *node);
22 extern void ExecReScanHash(HashState *node);
24 extern HashJoinTable ExecHashTableCreate(Hash *node, List *hashOperators,
25  bool keepNulls);
26 extern void ExecHashTableDestroy(HashJoinTable hashtable);
27 extern void ExecHashTableInsert(HashJoinTable hashtable,
28  TupleTableSlot *slot,
29  uint32 hashvalue);
30 extern bool ExecHashGetHashValue(HashJoinTable hashtable,
31  ExprContext *econtext,
32  List *hashkeys,
33  bool outer_tuple,
34  bool keep_nulls,
35  uint32 *hashvalue);
36 extern void ExecHashGetBucketAndBatch(HashJoinTable hashtable,
37  uint32 hashvalue,
38  int *bucketno,
39  int *batchno);
40 extern bool ExecScanHashBucket(HashJoinState *hjstate, ExprContext *econtext);
41 extern void ExecPrepHashTableForUnmatched(HashJoinState *hjstate);
42 extern bool ExecScanHashTableForUnmatched(HashJoinState *hjstate,
43  ExprContext *econtext);
44 extern void ExecHashTableReset(HashJoinTable hashtable);
45 extern void ExecHashTableResetMatchFlags(HashJoinTable hashtable);
46 extern void ExecChooseHashTableSize(double ntuples, int tupwidth, bool useskew,
47  int *numbuckets,
48  int *numbatches,
49  int *num_skew_mcvs);
50 extern int ExecHashGetSkewBucket(HashJoinTable hashtable, uint32 hashvalue);
52 #endif /* NODEHASH_H */
void ExecChooseHashTableSize(double ntuples, int tupwidth, bool useskew, int *numbuckets, int *numbatches, int *num_skew_mcvs)
Definition: nodeHash.c:401
bool ExecHashGetHashValue(HashJoinTable hashtable, ExprContext *econtext, List *hashkeys, bool outer_tuple, bool keep_nulls, uint32 *hashvalue)
Definition: nodeHash.c:927
void ExecHashGetBucketAndBatch(HashJoinTable hashtable, uint32 hashvalue, int *bucketno, int *batchno)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1031
void ExecReScanHash(HashState *node)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1270
Definition: nodes.h:510
void ExecHashTableResetMatchFlags(HashJoinTable hashtable)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1245
HashJoinTable ExecHashTableCreate(Hash *node, List *hashOperators, bool keepNulls)
Definition: nodeHash.c:243
void ExecHashTableDestroy(HashJoinTable hashtable)
Definition: nodeHash.c:560
void ExecPrepHashTableForUnmatched(HashJoinState *hjstate)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1121
unsigned int uint32
Definition: c.h:258
bool ExecScanHashTableForUnmatched(HashJoinState *hjstate, ExprContext *econtext)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1145
void ExecEndHash(HashState *node)
Definition: nodeHash.c:219
Node * MultiExecHash(HashState *node)
Definition: nodeHash.c:74
bool ExecScanHashBucket(HashJoinState *hjstate, ExprContext *econtext)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1063
HashState * ExecInitHash(Hash *node, EState *estate, int eflags)
Definition: nodeHash.c:162
void ExecHashTableReset(HashJoinTable hashtable)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1216
void ExecHashTableInsert(HashJoinTable hashtable, TupleTableSlot *slot, uint32 hashvalue)
Definition: nodeHash.c:833
int ExecHashGetSkewBucket(HashJoinTable hashtable, uint32 hashvalue)
Definition: nodeHash.c:1444
Definition: pg_list.h:45