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1 /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * tcopprot.h
4  * prototypes for postgres.c.
5  *
6  *
7  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2023, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
8  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
9  *
10  * src/include/tcop/tcopprot.h
11  *
12  *-------------------------------------------------------------------------
13  */
14 #ifndef TCOPPROT_H
15 #define TCOPPROT_H
17 #include "nodes/params.h"
18 #include "nodes/parsenodes.h"
19 #include "nodes/plannodes.h"
20 #include "storage/procsignal.h"
21 #include "utils/guc.h"
22 #include "utils/queryenvironment.h"
25 /* Required daylight between max_stack_depth and the kernel limit, in bytes */
26 #define STACK_DEPTH_SLOP (512 * 1024L)
29 extern PGDLLIMPORT const char *debug_query_string;
30 extern PGDLLIMPORT int max_stack_depth;
31 extern PGDLLIMPORT int PostAuthDelay;
34 /* GUC-configurable parameters */
36 typedef enum
37 {
38  LOGSTMT_NONE, /* log no statements */
39  LOGSTMT_DDL, /* log data definition statements */
40  LOGSTMT_MOD, /* log modification statements, plus DDL */
41  LOGSTMT_ALL /* log all statements */
44 extern PGDLLIMPORT int log_statement;
46 extern List *pg_parse_query(const char *query_string);
47 extern List *pg_rewrite_query(Query *query);
49  const char *query_string,
50  const Oid *paramTypes, int numParams,
51  QueryEnvironment *queryEnv);
53  const char *query_string,
54  Oid **paramTypes,
55  int *numParams,
56  QueryEnvironment *queryEnv);
57 extern List *pg_analyze_and_rewrite_withcb(RawStmt *parsetree,
58  const char *query_string,
59  ParserSetupHook parserSetup,
60  void *parserSetupArg,
61  QueryEnvironment *queryEnv);
62 extern PlannedStmt *pg_plan_query(Query *querytree, const char *query_string,
63  int cursorOptions,
64  ParamListInfo boundParams);
65 extern List *pg_plan_queries(List *querytrees, const char *query_string,
66  int cursorOptions,
67  ParamListInfo boundParams);
69 extern void die(SIGNAL_ARGS);
74 extern void ProcessClientReadInterrupt(bool blocked);
75 extern void ProcessClientWriteInterrupt(bool blocked);
77 extern void process_postgres_switches(int argc, char *argv[],
78  GucContext ctx, const char **dbname);
79 extern void PostgresSingleUserMain(int argc, char *argv[],
80  const char *username) pg_attribute_noreturn();
81 extern void PostgresMain(const char *dbname,
82  const char *username) pg_attribute_noreturn();
83 extern long get_stack_depth_rlimit(void);
84 extern void ResetUsage(void);
85 extern void ShowUsage(const char *title);
86 extern int check_log_duration(char *msec_str, bool was_logged);
87 extern void set_debug_options(int debug_flag,
88  GucContext context, GucSource source);
89 extern bool set_plan_disabling_options(const char *arg,
90  GucContext context, GucSource source);
91 extern const char *get_stats_option_name(const char *arg);
93 #endif /* TCOPPROT_H */
Datum querytree(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS)
Definition: _int_bool.c:666
Definition: c.h:1326
Definition: c.h:1355
#define pg_attribute_noreturn()
Definition: c.h:206
Definition: dest.h:86
Definition: guc.h:108
Definition: guc.h:68
void(* ParserSetupHook)(struct ParseState *pstate, void *arg)
Definition: params.h:108
void * arg
static rewind_source * source
Definition: pg_rewind.c:89
const char * username
Definition: pgbench.c:296
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31
Definition: procsignal.h:31
char * dbname
Definition: streamutil.c:51
Definition: pg_list.h:54
List * pg_parse_query(const char *query_string)
Definition: postgres.c:609
void process_postgres_switches(int argc, char *argv[], GucContext ctx, const char **dbname)
Definition: postgres.c:3765
PGDLLIMPORT int PostAuthDelay
Definition: postgres.c:99
void FloatExceptionHandler(SIGNAL_ARGS) pg_attribute_noreturn()
Definition: postgres.c:3029
void set_debug_options(int debug_flag, GucContext context, GucSource source)
Definition: postgres.c:3654
PGDLLIMPORT const char * debug_query_string
Definition: postgres.c:85
void StatementCancelHandler(SIGNAL_ARGS)
Definition: postgres.c:3008
long get_stack_depth_rlimit(void)
Definition: postgres.c:4933
bool set_plan_disabling_options(const char *arg, GucContext context, GucSource source)
Definition: postgres.c:3683
void PostgresMain(const char *dbname, const char *username) pg_attribute_noreturn()
Definition: postgres.c:4127
int check_log_duration(char *msec_str, bool was_logged)
Definition: postgres.c:2381
List * pg_analyze_and_rewrite_varparams(RawStmt *parsetree, const char *query_string, Oid **paramTypes, int *numParams, QueryEnvironment *queryEnv)
Definition: postgres.c:708
void HandleRecoveryConflictInterrupt(ProcSignalReason reason)
Definition: postgres.c:3045
Definition: tcopprot.h:37
Definition: tcopprot.h:38
Definition: tcopprot.h:40
Definition: tcopprot.h:39
Definition: tcopprot.h:41
List * pg_analyze_and_rewrite_withcb(RawStmt *parsetree, const char *query_string, ParserSetupHook parserSetup, void *parserSetupArg, QueryEnvironment *queryEnv)
Definition: postgres.c:762
void ShowUsage(const char *title)
Definition: postgres.c:4972
void PostgresSingleUserMain(int argc, char *argv[], const char *username) pg_attribute_noreturn()
Definition: postgres.c:4017
List * pg_analyze_and_rewrite_fixedparams(RawStmt *parsetree, const char *query_string, const Oid *paramTypes, int numParams, QueryEnvironment *queryEnv)
Definition: postgres.c:669
PGDLLIMPORT int log_statement
Definition: postgres.c:93
PGDLLIMPORT int max_stack_depth
Definition: postgres.c:96
List * pg_rewrite_query(Query *query)
Definition: postgres.c:802
void die(SIGNAL_ARGS)
Definition: postgres.c:2974
const char * get_stats_option_name(const char *arg)
Definition: postgres.c:3725
void ProcessClientReadInterrupt(bool blocked)
Definition: postgres.c:507
PlannedStmt * pg_plan_query(Query *querytree, const char *query_string, int cursorOptions, ParamListInfo boundParams)
Definition: postgres.c:884
void ProcessClientWriteInterrupt(bool blocked)
Definition: postgres.c:553
void ResetUsage(void)
Definition: postgres.c:4965
List * pg_plan_queries(List *querytrees, const char *query_string, int cursorOptions, ParamListInfo boundParams)
Definition: postgres.c:970
void quickdie(SIGNAL_ARGS) pg_attribute_noreturn()
Definition: postgres.c:2877
PGDLLIMPORT CommandDest whereToSendOutput
Definition: postgres.c:88
PGDLLIMPORT int client_connection_check_interval
Definition: postgres.c:102