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hio.h File Reference
#include "access/htup.h"
#include "storage/buf.h"
#include "utils/relcache.h"
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Data Structures

struct  BulkInsertStateData


typedef struct BulkInsertStateData BulkInsertStateData


void RelationPutHeapTuple (Relation relation, Buffer buffer, HeapTuple tuple, bool token)
Buffer RelationGetBufferForTuple (Relation relation, Size len, Buffer otherBuffer, int options, BulkInsertStateData *bistate, Buffer *vmbuffer, Buffer *vmbuffer_other, int num_pages)

Typedef Documentation

◆ BulkInsertStateData

Function Documentation

◆ RelationGetBufferForTuple()

Buffer RelationGetBufferForTuple ( Relation  relation,
Size  len,
Buffer  otherBuffer,
int  options,
BulkInsertStateData bistate,
Buffer vmbuffer,
Buffer vmbuffer_other,
int  num_pages 

◆ RelationPutHeapTuple()

void RelationPutHeapTuple ( Relation  relation,
Buffer  buffer,
HeapTuple  tuple,
bool  token 

Definition at line 36 of file hio.c.

40 {
41  Page pageHeader;
42  OffsetNumber offnum;
44  /*
45  * A tuple that's being inserted speculatively should already have its
46  * token set.
47  */
50  /*
51  * Do not allow tuples with invalid combinations of hint bits to be placed
52  * on a page. This combination is detected as corruption by the
53  * contrib/amcheck logic, so if you disable this assertion, make
54  * corresponding changes there.
55  */
57  (tuple->t_data->t_infomask & HEAP_XMAX_IS_MULTI)));
59  /* Add the tuple to the page */
60  pageHeader = BufferGetPage(buffer);
62  offnum = PageAddItem(pageHeader, (Item) tuple->t_data,
63  tuple->t_len, InvalidOffsetNumber, false, true);
65  if (offnum == InvalidOffsetNumber)
66  elog(PANIC, "failed to add tuple to page");
68  /* Update tuple->t_self to the actual position where it was stored */
69  ItemPointerSet(&(tuple->t_self), BufferGetBlockNumber(buffer), offnum);
71  /*
72  * Insert the correct position into CTID of the stored tuple, too (unless
73  * this is a speculative insertion, in which case the token is held in
74  * CTID field instead)
75  */
76  if (!token)
77  {
78  ItemId itemId = PageGetItemId(pageHeader, offnum);
79  HeapTupleHeader item = (HeapTupleHeader) PageGetItem(pageHeader, itemId);
81  item->t_ctid = tuple->t_self;
82  }
83 }
BlockNumber BufferGetBlockNumber(Buffer buffer)
Definition: bufmgr.c:3386
static Page BufferGetPage(Buffer buffer)
Definition: bufmgr.h:350
Pointer Page
Definition: bufpage.h:78
static Item PageGetItem(Page page, ItemId itemId)
Definition: bufpage.h:351
static ItemId PageGetItemId(Page page, OffsetNumber offsetNumber)
Definition: bufpage.h:240
#define PageAddItem(page, item, size, offsetNumber, overwrite, is_heap)
Definition: bufpage.h:468
#define PANIC
Definition: elog.h:42
HeapTupleHeaderData * HeapTupleHeader
Definition: htup.h:23
Definition: htup_details.h:209
Definition: htup_details.h:207
#define HeapTupleHeaderIsSpeculative(tup)
Definition: htup_details.h:428
#define token
Definition: indent_globs.h:126
Pointer Item
Definition: item.h:17
static void ItemPointerSet(ItemPointerData *pointer, BlockNumber blockNumber, OffsetNumber offNum)
Definition: itemptr.h:135
Assert(fmt[strlen(fmt) - 1] !='\n')
#define InvalidOffsetNumber
Definition: off.h:26
uint16 OffsetNumber
Definition: off.h:24
ItemPointerData t_self
Definition: htup.h:65
uint32 t_len
Definition: htup.h:64
HeapTupleHeader t_data
Definition: htup.h:68
ItemPointerData t_ctid
Definition: htup_details.h:161

References Assert(), BufferGetBlockNumber(), BufferGetPage(), elog(), HEAP_XMAX_COMMITTED, HEAP_XMAX_IS_MULTI, HeapTupleHeaderIsSpeculative, InvalidOffsetNumber, ItemPointerSet(), PageAddItem, PageGetItem(), PageGetItemId(), PANIC, HeapTupleHeaderData::t_ctid, HeapTupleData::t_data, HeapTupleHeaderData::t_infomask, HeapTupleData::t_len, HeapTupleData::t_self, and token.

Referenced by heap_insert(), heap_multi_insert(), and heap_update().