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pg_lsn.h File Reference
#include "fmgr.h"
#include "access/xlogdefs.h"
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#define DatumGetLSN(X)   ((XLogRecPtr) DatumGetInt64(X))
#define LSNGetDatum(X)   (Int64GetDatum((int64) (X)))
#define PG_GETARG_LSN(n)   DatumGetLSN(PG_GETARG_DATUM(n))
#define PG_RETURN_LSN(x)   return LSNGetDatum(x)

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◆ DatumGetLSN

#define DatumGetLSN (   X)    ((XLogRecPtr) DatumGetInt64(X))

Definition at line 21 of file pg_lsn.h.

Referenced by GetSubscriptionRelState(), libpqrcv_create_slot(), and readRecoveryCommandFile().

◆ LSNGetDatum