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WindowFunc Struct Reference

#include <primnodes.h>

Data Fields

Expr xpr
Oid winfnoid
Oid wintype
Oid wincollid
Oid inputcollid
Index winref
bool winstar
bool winagg
int location

Detailed Description

Definition at line 392 of file primnodes.h.

Field Documentation

◆ aggfilter

◆ args

◆ inputcollid

Oid WindowFunc::inputcollid

◆ location

int WindowFunc::location

◆ winagg

◆ wincollid

Oid WindowFunc::wincollid

Definition at line 397 of file primnodes.h.

Referenced by eval_const_expressions_mutator().

◆ winfnoid

◆ winref

◆ winstar

◆ wintype

◆ xpr

Expr WindowFunc::xpr

Definition at line 394 of file primnodes.h.

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