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dump.c File Reference
#include "postgres_fe.h"
#include "pg_upgrade.h"
#include "fe_utils/string_utils.h"
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void generate_old_dump (void)

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◆ generate_old_dump()

void generate_old_dump ( void  )

Definition at line 18 of file dump.c.

References appendConnStrVal(), appendPQExpBuffer(), appendShellString(), ClusterInfo::bindir, check_ok(), cluster_conn_opts(), connstr, PQExpBufferData::data, DB_DUMP_FILE_MASK, DB_DUMP_LOG_FILE_MASK, DbInfo::db_name, DbInfo::db_oid, ClusterInfo::dbarr, DbInfoArr::dbs, end_progress_output(), exec_prog(), GLOBALS_DUMP_FILE, initPQExpBuffer(), log_opts, MAXPGPATH, DbInfoArr::ndbs, new_cluster, old_cluster, parallel_exec_prog(), pg_log(), PG_STATUS, prep_status(), reap_child(), snprintf(), termPQExpBuffer(), UTILITY_LOG_FILE, and LogOpts::verbose.

Referenced by check_and_dump_old_cluster().

19 {
20  int dbnum;
22  prep_status("Creating dump of global objects");
24  /* run new pg_dumpall binary for globals */
25  exec_prog(UTILITY_LOG_FILE, NULL, true, true,
26  "\"%s/pg_dumpall\" %s --globals-only --quote-all-identifiers "
27  "--binary-upgrade %s -f %s",
29  log_opts.verbose ? "--verbose" : "",
31  check_ok();
33  prep_status("Creating dump of database schemas\n");
35  /* create per-db dump files */
36  for (dbnum = 0; dbnum < old_cluster.dbarr.ndbs; dbnum++)
37  {
38  char sql_file_name[MAXPGPATH],
39  log_file_name[MAXPGPATH];
40  DbInfo *old_db = &old_cluster.dbarr.dbs[dbnum];
42  escaped_connstr;
44  initPQExpBuffer(&connstr);
45  appendPQExpBuffer(&connstr, "dbname=");
46  appendConnStrVal(&connstr, old_db->db_name);
47  initPQExpBuffer(&escaped_connstr);
48  appendShellString(&escaped_connstr,;
49  termPQExpBuffer(&connstr);
51  pg_log(PG_STATUS, "%s", old_db->db_name);
52  snprintf(sql_file_name, sizeof(sql_file_name), DB_DUMP_FILE_MASK, old_db->db_oid);
53  snprintf(log_file_name, sizeof(log_file_name), DB_DUMP_LOG_FILE_MASK, old_db->db_oid);
55  parallel_exec_prog(log_file_name, NULL,
56  "\"%s/pg_dump\" %s --schema-only --quote-all-identifiers "
57  "--binary-upgrade --format=custom %s --file=\"%s\" %s",
59  log_opts.verbose ? "--verbose" : "",
60  sql_file_name,;
62  termPQExpBuffer(&escaped_connstr);
63  }
65  /* reap all children */
66  while (reap_child(true) == true)
67  ;
70  check_ok();
71 }
void parallel_exec_prog(const char *log_file, const char *opt_log_file, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: parallel.c:63
void termPQExpBuffer(PQExpBuffer str)
Definition: pqexpbuffer.c:128
void end_progress_output(void)
Definition: util.c:44
void appendConnStrVal(PQExpBuffer buf, const char *str)
Definition: string_utils.c:551
int snprintf(char *str, size_t count, const char *fmt,...) pg_attribute_printf(3
PGresult char * cluster_conn_opts(ClusterInfo *cluster)
Definition: server.c:91
LogOpts log_opts
Definition: util.c:18
Oid db_oid
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:186
ClusterInfo new_cluster
Definition: pg_upgrade.c:57
void appendPQExpBuffer(PQExpBuffer str, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: pqexpbuffer.c:262
void prep_status(const char *fmt,...) pg_attribute_printf(1
ClusterInfo old_cluster
Definition: pg_upgrade.c:57
void pg_log(eLogType type, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: logging.c:69
static void check_ok(void)
Definition: initdb.c:2119
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:33
bool verbose
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:287
char * bindir
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:269
void appendShellString(PQExpBuffer buf, const char *str)
Definition: string_utils.c:434
DbInfoArr dbarr
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:265
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:35
bool reap_child(bool wait_for_child)
Definition: parallel.c:289
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:37
char * db_name
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:187
bool exec_prog(const char *log_file, const char *opt_log_file, bool report_error, bool exit_on_error, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: exec.c:80
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:32
DbInfo * dbs
Definition: pg_upgrade.h:198
void initPQExpBuffer(PQExpBuffer str)
Definition: pqexpbuffer.c:89
static char * connstr
Definition: pg_dumpall.c:59