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1 /*---------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  * rmgrlist.h
3  *
4  * The resource manager list is kept in its own source file for possible
5  * use by automatic tools. The exact representation of a rmgr is determined
6  * by the PG_RMGR macro, which is not defined in this file; it can be
7  * defined by the caller for special purposes.
8  *
9  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2018, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
10  * Portions Copyright (c) 1994, Regents of the University of California
11  *
12  * src/include/access/rmgrlist.h
13  *---------------------------------------------------------------------------
14  */
16 /* there is deliberately not an #ifndef RMGRLIST_H here */
18 /*
19  * List of resource manager entries. Note that order of entries defines the
20  * numerical values of each rmgr's ID, which is stored in WAL records. New
21  * entries should be added at the end, to avoid changing IDs of existing
22  * entries.
23  *
24  * Changes to this list possibly need an XLOG_PAGE_MAGIC bump.
25  */
27 /* symbol name, textual name, redo, desc, identify, startup, cleanup */
28 PG_RMGR(RM_XLOG_ID, "XLOG", xlog_redo, xlog_desc, xlog_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
29 PG_RMGR(RM_XACT_ID, "Transaction", xact_redo, xact_desc, xact_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
30 PG_RMGR(RM_SMGR_ID, "Storage", smgr_redo, smgr_desc, smgr_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
31 PG_RMGR(RM_CLOG_ID, "CLOG", clog_redo, clog_desc, clog_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
32 PG_RMGR(RM_DBASE_ID, "Database", dbase_redo, dbase_desc, dbase_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
33 PG_RMGR(RM_TBLSPC_ID, "Tablespace", tblspc_redo, tblspc_desc, tblspc_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
34 PG_RMGR(RM_MULTIXACT_ID, "MultiXact", multixact_redo, multixact_desc, multixact_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
35 PG_RMGR(RM_RELMAP_ID, "RelMap", relmap_redo, relmap_desc, relmap_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
36 PG_RMGR(RM_STANDBY_ID, "Standby", standby_redo, standby_desc, standby_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
37 PG_RMGR(RM_HEAP2_ID, "Heap2", heap2_redo, heap2_desc, heap2_identify, NULL, NULL, heap_mask)
38 PG_RMGR(RM_HEAP_ID, "Heap", heap_redo, heap_desc, heap_identify, NULL, NULL, heap_mask)
39 PG_RMGR(RM_BTREE_ID, "Btree", btree_redo, btree_desc, btree_identify, NULL, NULL, btree_mask)
40 PG_RMGR(RM_HASH_ID, "Hash", hash_redo, hash_desc, hash_identify, NULL, NULL, hash_mask)
43 PG_RMGR(RM_SEQ_ID, "Sequence", seq_redo, seq_desc, seq_identify, NULL, NULL, seq_mask)
45 PG_RMGR(RM_BRIN_ID, "BRIN", brin_redo, brin_desc, brin_identify, NULL, NULL, brin_mask)
46 PG_RMGR(RM_COMMIT_TS_ID, "CommitTs", commit_ts_redo, commit_ts_desc, commit_ts_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
47 PG_RMGR(RM_REPLORIGIN_ID, "ReplicationOrigin", replorigin_redo, replorigin_desc, replorigin_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
48 PG_RMGR(RM_GENERIC_ID, "Generic", generic_redo, generic_desc, generic_identify, NULL, NULL, generic_mask)
49 PG_RMGR(RM_LOGICALMSG_ID, "LogicalMessage", logicalmsg_redo, logicalmsg_desc, logicalmsg_identify, NULL, NULL, NULL)
void spg_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: spgdesc.c:20
void spg_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: spgxlog.c:1033
void logicalmsg_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: message.c:85
const char * relmap_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: relmapdesc.c:35
void dbase_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: dbasedesc.c:22
const char * tblspc_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: tblspcdesc.c:41
const char * xact_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: xactdesc.c:341
void clog_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: clog.c:1003
void heap2_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: heapdesc.c:113
void gin_xlog_startup(void)
Definition: ginxlog.c:750
void generic_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: generic_xlog.c:481
const char * standby_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: standbydesc.c:72
const char * dbase_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: dbasedesc.c:45
void brin_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: brindesc.c:20
void xlog_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: xlogdesc.c:36
void multixact_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: multixact.c:3217
const char * logicalmsg_identify(uint8 info)
void spg_xlog_cleanup(void)
Definition: spgxlog.c:1023
void xact_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: xact.c:5766
const char * heap_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: heapdesc.c:175
void seq_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: sequence.c:1872
void smgr_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: smgrdesc.c:21
const char * hash_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: hashdesc.c:124
void btree_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: nbtxlog.c:998
void gin_xlog_cleanup(void)
Definition: ginxlog.c:758
void heap_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: heapam.c:9385
const char * smgr_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: smgrdesc.c:46
void xlog_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: xlog.c:9656
void hash_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: hash_xlog.c:1206
void heap2_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: heapam.c:9302
void dbase_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: dbcommands.c:2077
void commit_ts_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: committsdesc.c:22
void generic_mask(char *page, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: generic_xlog.c:542
const char * commit_ts_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: committsdesc.c:69
const char * seq_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: seqdesc.c:34
void replorigin_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: origin.c:773
const char * btree_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: nbtdesc.c:112
void standby_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: standbydesc.c:40
void generic_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: genericdesc.c:25
void smgr_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: storage.c:476
void hash_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: hash_xlog.c:1260
void brin_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: brin_xlog.c:342
void standby_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: standby.c:792
const char * gin_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: gindesc.c:185
const char * heap2_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: heapdesc.c:220
void gist_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: gistdesc.c:34
void gin_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: ginxlog.c:768
void commit_ts_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: commit_ts.c:963
#define PG_RMGR(symname, name, redo, desc, identify, startup, cleanup, mask)
Definition: rmgr.c:33
void gin_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: ginxlog.c:698
void gin_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: gindesc.c:74
const char * multixact_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: mxactdesc.c:84
void replorigin_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
const char * brin_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: brindesc.c:74
void hash_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: hashdesc.c:20
void spg_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: spgxlog.c:971
void relmap_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: relmapper.c:908
void seq_mask(char *page, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: sequence.c:1940
const char * gist_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: gistdesc.c:53
const char * generic_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: genericdesc.c:55
void btree_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: nbtdesc.c:20
void gist_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: gistxlog.c:304
void spg_xlog_startup(void)
Definition: spgxlog.c:1015
void gist_xlog_cleanup(void)
Definition: gistxlog.c:342
const char * clog_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: clogdesc.c:44
void gist_xlog_startup(void)
Definition: gistxlog.c:336
void relmap_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: relmapdesc.c:20
void tblspc_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: tablespace.c:1467
const char * spg_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: spgdesc.c:85
void multixact_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: mxactdesc.c:50
void gist_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: gistxlog.c:351
void tblspc_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: tblspcdesc.c:21
const char * replorigin_identify(uint8 info)
const char * xlog_identify(uint8 info)
Definition: xlogdesc.c:143
void brin_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: brin_xlog.c:309
void seq_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: seqdesc.c:21
void heap_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: heapdesc.c:35
void xact_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: xactdesc.c:308
void btree_mask(char *pagedata, BlockNumber blkno)
Definition: nbtxlog.c:1056
void heap_redo(XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: heapam.c:9257
void clog_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)
Definition: clogdesc.c:21
void logicalmsg_desc(StringInfo buf, XLogReaderState *record)