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Aggref Struct Reference

#include <primnodes.h>

Data Fields

Expr xpr
Oid aggfnoid
Oid aggtype
Oid aggcollid
Oid inputcollid
Oid aggtranstype
bool aggstar
bool aggvariadic
char aggkind
Index agglevelsup
AggSplit aggsplit
int aggno
int aggtransno
int location

Detailed Description

Definition at line 320 of file primnodes.h.

Field Documentation

◆ aggargtypes

List* Aggref::aggargtypes

◆ aggcollid

Oid Aggref::aggcollid

Definition at line 325 of file primnodes.h.

Referenced by find_compatible_agg(), foreign_expr_walker(), and replace_outer_agg().

◆ aggdirectargs

◆ aggdistinct

◆ aggfilter

◆ aggfnoid

◆ aggkind

◆ agglevelsup

◆ aggno

int Aggref::aggno

Definition at line 340 of file primnodes.h.

Referenced by ExecInitAgg(), ExecInitExprRec(), ParseFuncOrColumn(), and preprocess_aggref().

◆ aggorder

◆ aggsplit

◆ aggstar

bool Aggref::aggstar

Definition at line 334 of file primnodes.h.

Referenced by deparseAggref(), find_compatible_agg(), get_agg_expr(), and ParseFuncOrColumn().

◆ aggtransno

int Aggref::aggtransno

Definition at line 341 of file primnodes.h.

Referenced by ExecInitAgg(), ParseFuncOrColumn(), and preprocess_aggref().

◆ aggtranstype

Oid Aggref::aggtranstype

◆ aggtype

◆ aggvariadic

bool Aggref::aggvariadic

◆ args

◆ inputcollid

Oid Aggref::inputcollid

◆ location

int Aggref::location

◆ xpr

Expr Aggref::xpr

Definition at line 322 of file primnodes.h.

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