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basebackup.h File Reference
#include "nodes/replnodes.h"
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Data Structures

struct  tablespaceinfo


#define MAX_RATE_LOWER   32
#define MAX_RATE_UPPER   1048576


void SendBaseBackup (BaseBackupCmd *cmd)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_RATE_LOWER   32

Definition at line 20 of file basebackup.h.

Referenced by parse_basebackup_options().


#define MAX_RATE_UPPER   1048576

Definition at line 21 of file basebackup.h.

Referenced by parse_basebackup_options(), and parse_max_rate().

Function Documentation

◆ SendBaseBackup()

void SendBaseBackup ( BaseBackupCmd cmd)

Definition at line 944 of file basebackup.c.

References basebackup_options::label, BaseBackupCmd::options, parse_basebackup_options(), perform_base_backup(), set_ps_display(), snprintf, update_process_title, WalSndSetState(), and WALSNDSTATE_BACKUP.

Referenced by exec_replication_command().

945 {
946  basebackup_options opt;
948  parse_basebackup_options(cmd->options, &opt);
953  {
954  char activitymsg[50];
956  snprintf(activitymsg, sizeof(activitymsg), "sending backup \"%s\"",
957  opt.label);
958  set_ps_display(activitymsg);
959  }
961  perform_base_backup(&opt);
962 }
List * options
Definition: replnodes.h:44
bool update_process_title
Definition: ps_status.c:36
static void parse_basebackup_options(List *options, basebackup_options *opt)
Definition: basebackup.c:762
void set_ps_display(const char *activity)
Definition: ps_status.c:349
const char * label
Definition: basebackup.c:51
static void perform_base_backup(basebackup_options *opt)
Definition: basebackup.c:256
void WalSndSetState(WalSndState state)
Definition: walsender.c:3233
#define snprintf
Definition: port.h:217