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1 /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------
2  *
3  * guc_hooks.h
4  * Declarations of per-variable callback functions used by GUC.
5  *
6  * These functions are scattered throughout the system, but we
7  * declare them all here to avoid having to propagate guc.h into
8  * a lot of unrelated header files.
9  *
10  * Portions Copyright (c) 1996-2023, PostgreSQL Global Development Group
11  *
12  * src/include/utils/guc_hooks.h
13  *
14  *-------------------------------------------------------------------------
15  */
16 #ifndef GUC_HOOKS_H
17 #define GUC_HOOKS_H 1
19 #include "utils/guc.h"
21 /*
22  * See guc.h for the typedefs that these hook functions should match
23  * (GucBoolCheckHook and so on).
24  *
25  * Please keep the declarations in order by GUC variable name.
26  */
28 extern bool check_application_name(char **newval, void **extra,
30 extern void assign_application_name(const char *newval, void *extra);
31 extern const char *show_archive_command(void);
32 extern bool check_autovacuum_max_workers(int *newval, void **extra,
34 extern bool check_autovacuum_work_mem(int *newval, void **extra,
36 extern bool check_backtrace_functions(char **newval, void **extra,
38 extern void assign_backtrace_functions(const char *newval, void *extra);
39 extern bool check_bonjour(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
40 extern bool check_canonical_path(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
41 extern void assign_checkpoint_completion_target(double newval, void *extra);
42 extern bool check_client_connection_check_interval(int *newval, void **extra,
44 extern bool check_client_encoding(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
45 extern void assign_client_encoding(const char *newval, void *extra);
46 extern bool check_cluster_name(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
47 extern const char *show_data_directory_mode(void);
48 extern bool check_datestyle(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
49 extern void assign_datestyle(const char *newval, void *extra);
50 extern bool check_default_table_access_method(char **newval, void **extra,
52 extern bool check_default_tablespace(char **newval, void **extra,
54 extern bool check_default_text_search_config(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
55 extern void assign_default_text_search_config(const char *newval, void *extra);
56 extern bool check_default_with_oids(bool *newval, void **extra,
58 extern bool check_effective_io_concurrency(int *newval, void **extra,
60 extern bool check_huge_page_size(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
61 extern const char *show_in_hot_standby(void);
62 extern bool check_locale_messages(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
63 extern void assign_locale_messages(const char *newval, void *extra);
64 extern bool check_locale_monetary(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
65 extern void assign_locale_monetary(const char *newval, void *extra);
66 extern bool check_locale_numeric(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
67 extern void assign_locale_numeric(const char *newval, void *extra);
68 extern bool check_locale_time(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
69 extern void assign_locale_time(const char *newval, void *extra);
70 extern bool check_log_destination(char **newval, void **extra,
72 extern void assign_log_destination(const char *newval, void *extra);
73 extern const char *show_log_file_mode(void);
74 extern bool check_log_stats(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
75 extern bool check_log_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
76 extern void assign_log_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra);
77 extern const char *show_log_timezone(void);
78 extern bool check_maintenance_io_concurrency(int *newval, void **extra,
80 extern void assign_maintenance_io_concurrency(int newval, void *extra);
81 extern bool check_max_connections(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
82 extern bool check_max_wal_senders(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
83 extern void assign_max_wal_size(int newval, void *extra);
84 extern bool check_max_worker_processes(int *newval, void **extra,
86 extern bool check_max_stack_depth(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
87 extern void assign_max_stack_depth(int newval, void *extra);
88 extern bool check_primary_slot_name(char **newval, void **extra,
90 extern bool check_random_seed(double *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
91 extern void assign_random_seed(double newval, void *extra);
92 extern const char *show_random_seed(void);
93 extern bool check_recovery_prefetch(int *new_value, void **extra,
95 extern void assign_recovery_prefetch(int new_value, void *extra);
96 extern bool check_recovery_target(char **newval, void **extra,
98 extern void assign_recovery_target(const char *newval, void *extra);
99 extern bool check_recovery_target_lsn(char **newval, void **extra,
100  GucSource source);
101 extern void assign_recovery_target_lsn(const char *newval, void *extra);
102 extern bool check_recovery_target_name(char **newval, void **extra,
103  GucSource source);
104 extern void assign_recovery_target_name(const char *newval, void *extra);
105 extern bool check_recovery_target_time(char **newval, void **extra,
106  GucSource source);
107 extern void assign_recovery_target_time(const char *newval, void *extra);
108 extern bool check_recovery_target_timeline(char **newval, void **extra,
109  GucSource source);
110 extern void assign_recovery_target_timeline(const char *newval, void *extra);
111 extern bool check_recovery_target_xid(char **newval, void **extra,
112  GucSource source);
113 extern void assign_recovery_target_xid(const char *newval, void *extra);
114 extern bool check_role(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
115 extern void assign_role(const char *newval, void *extra);
116 extern const char *show_role(void);
117 extern bool check_search_path(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
118 extern void assign_search_path(const char *newval, void *extra);
119 extern bool check_session_authorization(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
120 extern void assign_session_authorization(const char *newval, void *extra);
121 extern void assign_session_replication_role(int newval, void *extra);
122 extern bool check_ssl(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
123 extern bool check_stage_log_stats(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
124 extern bool check_synchronous_standby_names(char **newval, void **extra,
125  GucSource source);
126 extern void assign_synchronous_standby_names(const char *newval, void *extra);
127 extern void assign_synchronous_commit(int newval, void *extra);
128 extern void assign_syslog_facility(int newval, void *extra);
129 extern void assign_syslog_ident(const char *newval, void *extra);
130 extern void assign_tcp_keepalives_count(int newval, void *extra);
131 extern const char *show_tcp_keepalives_count(void);
132 extern void assign_tcp_keepalives_idle(int newval, void *extra);
133 extern const char *show_tcp_keepalives_idle(void);
134 extern void assign_tcp_keepalives_interval(int newval, void *extra);
135 extern const char *show_tcp_keepalives_interval(void);
136 extern void assign_tcp_user_timeout(int newval, void *extra);
137 extern const char *show_tcp_user_timeout(void);
138 extern bool check_temp_buffers(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
139 extern bool check_temp_tablespaces(char **newval, void **extra,
140  GucSource source);
141 extern void assign_temp_tablespaces(const char *newval, void *extra);
142 extern bool check_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
143 extern void assign_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra);
144 extern const char *show_timezone(void);
145 extern bool check_timezone_abbreviations(char **newval, void **extra,
146  GucSource source);
147 extern void assign_timezone_abbreviations(const char *newval, void *extra);
148 extern bool check_transaction_deferrable(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
149 extern bool check_transaction_isolation(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
150 extern bool check_transaction_read_only(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
151 extern const char *show_unix_socket_permissions(void);
152 extern bool check_wal_buffers(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source);
153 extern bool check_wal_consistency_checking(char **newval, void **extra,
154  GucSource source);
155 extern void assign_wal_consistency_checking(const char *newval, void *extra);
156 extern void assign_xlog_sync_method(int new_sync_method, void *extra);
158 #endif /* GUC_HOOKS_H */
#define newval
Definition: guc.h:108
const char * show_unix_socket_permissions(void)
Definition: variable.c:1133
void assign_application_name(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:1051
void assign_syslog_facility(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: elog.c:2293
bool check_primary_slot_name(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
bool check_bonjour(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1148
void assign_recovery_target_xid(const char *newval, void *extra)
void assign_tcp_keepalives_count(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1976
void assign_syslog_ident(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: elog.c:2261
bool check_autovacuum_max_workers(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postinit.c:582
bool check_recovery_target(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
const char * show_in_hot_standby(void)
Definition: xlog.c:4436
bool check_maintenance_io_concurrency(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1189
void assign_session_authorization(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:861
bool check_transaction_deferrable(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:620
bool check_canonical_path(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1004
void assign_synchronous_commit(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: syncrep.c:1070
void assign_wal_consistency_checking(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: xlog.c:4371
const char * show_timezone(void)
Definition: variable.c:390
bool check_transaction_isolation(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:583
bool check_default_with_oids(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1161
bool check_recovery_target_timeline(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
void assign_synchronous_standby_names(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: syncrep.c:1064
void assign_timezone_abbreviations(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:517
bool check_effective_io_concurrency(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1176
bool check_max_stack_depth(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postgres.c:3501
bool check_application_name(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1025
void assign_search_path(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: namespace.c:4353
bool check_max_connections(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postinit.c:570
void assign_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:381
void assign_locale_time(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: pg_locale.c:320
bool check_default_text_search_config(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: ts_cache.c:604
bool check_role(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:883
bool check_max_wal_senders(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postinit.c:606
bool check_cluster_name(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1061
bool check_locale_time(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: pg_locale.c:314
void assign_checkpoint_completion_target(double newval, void *extra)
Definition: xlog.c:1982
void assign_recovery_target(const char *newval, void *extra)
bool check_default_table_access_method(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: tableamapi.c:112
void assign_backtrace_functions(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: elog.c:2181
bool check_log_stats(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postgres.c:3564
bool check_default_tablespace(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: tablespace.c:1097
const char * show_tcp_keepalives_interval(void)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1963
bool check_autovacuum_work_mem(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: autovacuum.c:3388
const char * show_log_timezone(void)
Definition: variable.c:463
bool check_backtrace_functions(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: elog.c:2122
bool check_temp_buffers(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: localbuf.c:490
bool check_session_authorization(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:802
const char * show_tcp_user_timeout(void)
Definition: pqcomm.c:2009
bool check_transaction_read_only(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:544
bool check_huge_page_size(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: sysv_shmem.c:577
void assign_maintenance_io_concurrency(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:1087
bool check_log_destination(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: elog.c:2190
void assign_xlog_sync_method(int new_sync_method, void *extra)
Definition: xlog.c:8095
void assign_max_wal_size(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: xlog.c:1975
bool check_max_worker_processes(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postinit.c:594
bool check_timezone_abbreviations(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:485
void assign_recovery_target_name(const char *newval, void *extra)
bool check_locale_numeric(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: pg_locale.c:302
void assign_temp_tablespaces(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: tablespace.c:1312
void assign_recovery_target_time(const char *newval, void *extra)
bool check_recovery_target_xid(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
void assign_locale_numeric(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: pg_locale.c:308
void assign_client_encoding(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:756
bool check_recovery_target_time(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
bool check_locale_messages(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: pg_locale.c:336
void assign_role(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:971
void assign_tcp_keepalives_idle(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1920
bool check_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:261
const char * show_random_seed(void)
Definition: variable.c:669
bool check_ssl(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:1202
void assign_datestyle(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:244
void assign_random_seed(double newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:660
void assign_recovery_prefetch(int new_value, void *extra)
void assign_max_stack_depth(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: postgres.c:3518
bool check_log_timezone(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:416
void assign_locale_messages(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: pg_locale.c:359
bool check_temp_tablespaces(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: tablespace.c:1204
bool check_random_seed(double *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:648
const char * show_archive_command(void)
Definition: xlog.c:4424
void assign_default_text_search_config(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: ts_cache.c:672
void assign_recovery_target_lsn(const char *newval, void *extra)
bool check_recovery_target_lsn(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
void assign_tcp_user_timeout(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1999
const char * show_role(void)
Definition: variable.c:979
void assign_session_replication_role(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: trigger.c:6515
bool check_client_connection_check_interval(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postgres.c:3529
bool check_wal_consistency_checking(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: xlog.c:4286
bool check_datestyle(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:52
bool check_search_path(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: namespace.c:4319
const char * show_tcp_keepalives_idle(void)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1940
bool check_client_encoding(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: variable.c:680
const char * show_log_file_mode(void)
Definition: variable.c:1121
bool check_synchronous_standby_names(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: syncrep.c:1007
bool check_wal_buffers(int *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: xlog.c:4251
bool check_recovery_target_name(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
const char * show_tcp_keepalives_count(void)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1986
void assign_tcp_keepalives_interval(int newval, void *extra)
Definition: pqcomm.c:1953
void assign_locale_monetary(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: pg_locale.c:296
void assign_recovery_target_timeline(const char *newval, void *extra)
bool check_recovery_prefetch(int *new_value, void **extra, GucSource source)
const char * show_data_directory_mode(void)
Definition: variable.c:1109
void assign_log_timezone(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: variable.c:454
bool check_locale_monetary(char **newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: pg_locale.c:290
void assign_log_destination(const char *newval, void *extra)
Definition: elog.c:2252
bool check_stage_log_stats(bool *newval, void **extra, GucSource source)
Definition: postgres.c:3550
static rewind_source * source
Definition: pg_rewind.c:81