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Data Structures

struct  PartitionDescData


typedef struct PartitionDescData PartitionDescData


PartitionDesc RelationGetPartitionDesc (Relation rel)
PartitionDirectory CreatePartitionDirectory (MemoryContext mcxt)
PartitionDesc PartitionDirectoryLookup (PartitionDirectory, Relation)
void DestroyPartitionDirectory (PartitionDirectory pdir)
Oid get_default_oid_from_partdesc (PartitionDesc partdesc)

Typedef Documentation

◆ PartitionDescData

Function Documentation

◆ CreatePartitionDirectory()

PartitionDirectory CreatePartitionDirectory ( MemoryContext  mcxt)

Definition at line 283 of file partdesc.c.

References HASHCTL::entrysize, HASH_BLOBS, HASH_CONTEXT, hash_create(), HASH_ELEM, HASHCTL::hcxt, HASHCTL::keysize, MemoryContextSwitchTo(), palloc(), PartitionDirectoryData::pdir_hash, and PartitionDirectoryData::pdir_mcxt.

Referenced by ExecCreatePartitionPruneState(), ExecInitPartitionDispatchInfo(), and set_relation_partition_info().

284 {
285  MemoryContext oldcontext = MemoryContextSwitchTo(mcxt);
286  PartitionDirectory pdir;
287  HASHCTL ctl;
289  pdir = palloc(sizeof(PartitionDirectoryData));
290  pdir->pdir_mcxt = mcxt;
292  ctl.keysize = sizeof(Oid);
293  ctl.entrysize = sizeof(PartitionDirectoryEntry);
294  ctl.hcxt = mcxt;
296  pdir->pdir_hash = hash_create("partition directory", 256, &ctl,
299  MemoryContextSwitchTo(oldcontext);
300  return pdir;
301 }
Definition: hsearch.h:102
#define HASH_ELEM
Definition: hsearch.h:95
MemoryContext hcxt
Definition: hsearch.h:86
static MemoryContext MemoryContextSwitchTo(MemoryContext context)
Definition: palloc.h:109
Size entrysize
Definition: hsearch.h:76
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31
MemoryContext pdir_mcxt
Definition: partdesc.c:38
HTAB * hash_create(const char *tabname, long nelem, const HASHCTL *info, int flags)
Definition: dynahash.c:349
struct PartitionDirectoryEntry PartitionDirectoryEntry
#define HASH_BLOBS
Definition: hsearch.h:97
Size keysize
Definition: hsearch.h:75
void * palloc(Size size)
Definition: mcxt.c:950

◆ DestroyPartitionDirectory()

void DestroyPartitionDirectory ( PartitionDirectory  pdir)

Definition at line 343 of file partdesc.c.

References hash_seq_init(), hash_seq_search(), PartitionDirectoryData::pdir_hash, PartitionDirectoryEntry::rel, RelationDecrementReferenceCount(), and status().

Referenced by FreeExecutorState(), and standard_planner().

344 {
348  hash_seq_init(&status, pdir->pdir_hash);
349  while ((pde = hash_seq_search(&status)) != NULL)
351 }
void RelationDecrementReferenceCount(Relation rel)
Definition: relcache.c:2103
void * hash_seq_search(HASH_SEQ_STATUS *status)
Definition: dynahash.c:1436
void hash_seq_init(HASH_SEQ_STATUS *status, HTAB *hashp)
Definition: dynahash.c:1426
static void static void status(const char *fmt,...) pg_attribute_printf(1
Definition: pg_regress.c:227

◆ get_default_oid_from_partdesc()

Oid get_default_oid_from_partdesc ( PartitionDesc  partdesc)

Definition at line 360 of file partdesc.c.

References PartitionDescData::boundinfo, PartitionBoundInfoData::default_index, InvalidOid, PartitionDescData::oids, and partition_bound_has_default.

Referenced by ATExecAttachPartition(), ATExecDetachPartition(), DefineRelation(), and StorePartitionBound().

361 {
362  if (partdesc && partdesc->boundinfo &&
364  return partdesc->oids[partdesc->boundinfo->default_index];
366  return InvalidOid;
367 }
PartitionBoundInfo boundinfo
Definition: partdesc.h:29
#define partition_bound_has_default(bi)
Definition: partbounds.h:75
#define InvalidOid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:36

◆ PartitionDirectoryLookup()

PartitionDesc PartitionDirectoryLookup ( PartitionDirectory  ,

Definition at line 315 of file partdesc.c.

References Assert, HASH_ENTER, hash_search(), PartitionDirectoryEntry::pd, PartitionDirectoryData::pdir_hash, PartitionDirectoryEntry::rel, RelationGetPartitionDesc(), RelationGetRelid, and RelationIncrementReferenceCount().

Referenced by ExecCreatePartitionPruneState(), ExecInitPartitionDispatchInfo(), expand_partitioned_rtentry(), and set_relation_partition_info().

316 {
318  Oid relid = RelationGetRelid(rel);
319  bool found;
321  pde = hash_search(pdir->pdir_hash, &relid, HASH_ENTER, &found);
322  if (!found)
323  {
324  /*
325  * We must keep a reference count on the relation so that the
326  * PartitionDesc to which we are pointing can't get destroyed.
327  */
329  pde->rel = rel;
330  pde->pd = RelationGetPartitionDesc(rel);
331  Assert(pde->pd != NULL);
332  }
333  return pde->pd;
334 }
void * hash_search(HTAB *hashp, const void *keyPtr, HASHACTION action, bool *foundPtr)
Definition: dynahash.c:954
unsigned int Oid
Definition: postgres_ext.h:31
PartitionDesc pd
Definition: partdesc.c:46
PartitionDesc RelationGetPartitionDesc(Relation rel)
Definition: partdesc.c:64
void RelationIncrementReferenceCount(Relation rel)
Definition: relcache.c:2090
#define Assert(condition)
Definition: c.h:792
#define RelationGetRelid(relation)
Definition: rel.h:457

◆ RelationGetPartitionDesc()

PartitionDesc RelationGetPartitionDesc ( Relation  rel)

Definition at line 64 of file partdesc.c.

References RelationData::rd_partdesc, RelationData::rd_rel, RelationBuildPartitionDesc(), and unlikely.

Referenced by addFkRecurseReferenced(), addFkRecurseReferencing(), ATExecAttachPartition(), ATExecAttachPartitionIdx(), ATExecDetachPartition(), ATPrepDropNotNull(), check_new_partition_bound(), CreateTrigger(), DefineIndex(), DefineRelation(), get_qual_for_list(), get_qual_for_range(), PartitionDirectoryLookup(), QueuePartitionConstraintValidation(), StorePartitionBound(), and validatePartitionedIndex().

65 {
66  if (rel->rd_rel->relkind != RELKIND_PARTITIONED_TABLE)
67  return NULL;
69  if (unlikely(rel->rd_partdesc == NULL))
72  return rel->rd_partdesc;
73 }
Form_pg_class rd_rel
Definition: rel.h:110
PartitionDesc rd_partdesc
Definition: rel.h:129
static void RelationBuildPartitionDesc(Relation rel)
Definition: partdesc.c:91
#define unlikely(x)
Definition: c.h:261