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SortSupportData Struct Reference

#include <sortsupport.h>

Data Fields

MemoryContext ssup_cxt
Oid ssup_collation
bool ssup_reverse
bool ssup_nulls_first
AttrNumber ssup_attno
void * ssup_extra
int(* comparator )(Datum x, Datum y, SortSupport ssup)
bool abbreviate
Datum(* abbrev_converter )(Datum original, SortSupport ssup)
bool(* abbrev_abort )(int memtupcount, SortSupport ssup)
int(* abbrev_full_comparator )(Datum x, Datum y, SortSupport ssup)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file sortsupport.h.

Field Documentation

◆ abbrev_abort

bool(* SortSupportData::abbrev_abort) (int memtupcount, SortSupport ssup)

◆ abbrev_converter

◆ abbrev_full_comparator

◆ abbreviate

◆ comparator

◆ ssup_attno

◆ ssup_collation

◆ ssup_cxt

◆ ssup_extra

◆ ssup_nulls_first

◆ ssup_reverse

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