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value.h File Reference
#include "nodes/nodes.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Integer
struct  Float
struct  Boolean
struct  String
struct  BitString


#define intVal(v)   (castNode(Integer, v)->ival)
#define floatVal(v)   atof(castNode(Float, v)->fval)
#define boolVal(v)   (castNode(Boolean, v)->boolval)
#define strVal(v)   (castNode(String, v)->sval)


typedef struct Integer Integer
typedef struct Float Float
typedef struct Boolean Boolean
typedef struct String String
typedef struct BitString BitString


IntegermakeInteger (int i)
FloatmakeFloat (char *numericStr)
BooleanmakeBoolean (bool val)
StringmakeString (char *str)
BitStringmakeBitString (char *str)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ boolVal

#define boolVal (   v)    (castNode(Boolean, v)->boolval)

Definition at line 81 of file value.h.

◆ floatVal

#define floatVal (   v)    atof(castNode(Float, v)->fval)

Definition at line 80 of file value.h.

◆ intVal

#define intVal (   v)    (castNode(Integer, v)->ival)

Definition at line 79 of file value.h.

◆ strVal

#define strVal (   v)    (castNode(String, v)->sval)

Definition at line 82 of file value.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ BitString

typedef struct BitString BitString

◆ Boolean

typedef struct Boolean Boolean

◆ Float

typedef struct Float Float

◆ Integer

typedef struct Integer Integer

◆ String

typedef struct String String

Function Documentation

◆ makeBitString()

BitString* makeBitString ( char *  str)

Definition at line 77 of file value.c.

78 {
81  v->bsval = str;
82  return v;
83 }
const char * str
#define makeNode(_type_)
Definition: nodes.h:155
char * bsval
Definition: value.h:76

References BitString::bsval, makeNode, and str.

Referenced by nodeRead().

◆ makeBoolean()

Boolean* makeBoolean ( bool  val)

Definition at line 49 of file value.c.

50 {
51  Boolean *v = makeNode(Boolean);
53  v->boolval = val;
54  return v;
55 }
long val
Definition: informix.c:670
Definition: value.h:56
bool boolval
Definition: value.h:60

References Boolean::boolval, makeNode, and val.

Referenced by add_foreign_final_paths(), add_foreign_ordered_paths(), buildDefItem(), nodeRead(), postgresPlanDirectModify(), postgresPlanForeignModify(), and sequence_options().

◆ makeFloat()

Float* makeFloat ( char *  numericStr)

Definition at line 37 of file value.c.

38 {
39  Float *v = makeNode(Float);
41  v->fval = numericStr;
42  return v;
43 }
Definition: value.h:48
char * fval
Definition: value.h:52

References Float::fval, and makeNode.

Referenced by buildDefItem(), nodeRead(), pg_get_object_address(), and sequence_options().

◆ makeInteger()

Integer* makeInteger ( int  i)

Definition at line 23 of file value.c.

24 {
25  Integer *v = makeNode(Integer);
27  v->ival = i;
28  return v;
29 }
int i
Definition: isn.c:73
Definition: value.h:29
int ival
Definition: value.h:33

References i, Integer::ival, and makeNode.

Referenced by buildDefItem(), nodeRead(), postgresGetForeignPlan(), and postgresPlanForeignModify().

◆ makeString()

String* makeString ( char *  str)

Definition at line 63 of file value.c.

64 {
65  String *v = makeNode(String);
67  v->sval = str;
68  return v;
69 }
Definition: value.h:64
char * sval
Definition: value.h:68

References makeNode, str, and String::sval.

Referenced by addRangeTableEntryForCTE(), addRangeTableEntryForFunction(), addRangeTableEntryForSubquery(), addRangeTableEntryForValues(), analyzeCTE(), analyzeCTETargetList(), ApplyRetrieveRule(), ATExecSetNotNull(), ATPrepAddPrimaryKey(), buildDefItem(), buildRelationAliases(), check_publications(), check_publications_origin(), check_selective_binary_conversion(), check_sql_fn_retval(), CloneFkReferenced(), CloneFkReferencing(), CloneRowTriggersToPartition(), copy_table(), DefineView(), ExecAlterExtensionContentsStmt(), expand_single_inheritance_child(), expandRTE(), expandTableLikeClause(), expandTupleDesc(), fetch_remote_table_info(), FunctionIsVisibleExt(), generate_function_name(), generate_operator_name(), generateClonedExtStatsStmt(), generateClonedIndexStmt(), generateSerialExtraStmts(), get_collation(), get_file_fdw_attribute_options(), get_object_address_rv(), get_opclass(), interpret_function_parameter_list(), make_copy_attnamelist(), make_path_rowexpr(), makeSimpleA_Expr(), makeTypeName(), merge_publications(), nodeRead(), OperatorIsVisibleExt(), pg_logical_slot_get_changes_guts(), plpgsql_parse_dblword(), plpgsql_parse_tripword(), postgresGetForeignPlan(), postgresPlanDirectModify(), postgresPlanForeignModify(), RebuildConstraintComment(), regoperout(), regprocout(), RelationGetNotNullConstraints(), resolve_unique_index_expr(), rewriteSearchAndCycle(), stringToQualifiedNameList(), test_rls_hooks_permissive(), test_rls_hooks_restrictive(), textarray_to_stringlist(), textarray_to_strvaluelist(), textToQualifiedNameList(), transformColumnDefinition(), transformColumnRef(), transformCurrentOfExpr(), transformFkeyGetPrimaryKey(), transformFromClauseItem(), transformIndexConstraint(), transformJsonArrayQueryConstructor(), transformJsonPassingArgs(), transformJsonTableColumns(), transformPLAssignStmt(), transformRangeTableFunc(), transformRowExpr(), transformSetOperationStmt(), transformSubLink(), transformTableLikeClause(), transformXmlExpr(), and untransformRelOptions().