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generate_unaccent_rules Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  Codepoint


def print_record (codepoint, letter)
def is_mark_to_remove (codepoint)
def is_plain_letter (codepoint)
def is_mark (codepoint)
def is_letter_with_marks (codepoint, table)
def is_letter (codepoint, table)
def get_plain_letter (codepoint, table)
def is_ligature (codepoint, table)
def get_plain_letters (codepoint, table)
def parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator (latinAsciiFilePath)
def special_cases ()
def main (args)


 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='This script builds unaccent.rules on standard output when given the contents of UnicodeData.txt and Latin-ASCII.xml given as arguments.')
 args = parser.parse_args()

Function Documentation

◆ get_plain_letter()

def generate_unaccent_rules.get_plain_letter (   codepoint,
Return the base codepoint without marks. If this codepoint has more
than one combining character, do a recursive lookup on the table to
find out its plain base letter.

Definition at line 130 of file

130 def get_plain_letter(codepoint, table):
131  """Return the base codepoint without marks. If this codepoint has more
132  than one combining character, do a recursive lookup on the table to
133  find out its plain base letter."""
134  if is_letter_with_marks(codepoint, table):
135  if len(table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]].combining_ids) > 1:
136  return get_plain_letter(table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]], table)
137  elif is_plain_letter(table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]]):
138  return table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]]
140  # Should not come here
141  assert False, 'Codepoint U+%0.2X' %
142  elif is_plain_letter(codepoint):
143  return codepoint
145  # Should not come here
146  assert False, 'Codepoint U+%0.2X' %
def get_plain_letter(codepoint, table)
def is_letter_with_marks(codepoint, table)
const void size_t len

References is_letter_with_marks(), is_plain_letter(), and len.

Referenced by get_plain_letters(), and main().

◆ get_plain_letters()

def generate_unaccent_rules.get_plain_letters (   codepoint,
Return a list of plain letters from a ligature.

Definition at line 154 of file

154 def get_plain_letters(codepoint, table):
155  """Return a list of plain letters from a ligature."""
156  assert(is_ligature(codepoint, table))
157  return [get_plain_letter(table[id], table) for id in codepoint.combining_ids]
def get_plain_letters(codepoint, table)
def is_ligature(codepoint, table)
#define assert(x)
Definition: regcustom.h:56

References assert, get_plain_letter(), and is_ligature().

Referenced by main().

◆ is_letter()

def generate_unaccent_rules.is_letter (   codepoint,
Return true for letter with or without diacritical marks.

Definition at line 125 of file

125 def is_letter(codepoint, table):
126  """Return true for letter with or without diacritical marks."""
127  return is_plain_letter(codepoint) or is_letter_with_marks(codepoint, table)
def is_letter(codepoint, table)

References is_letter_with_marks(), and is_plain_letter().

Referenced by is_ligature().

◆ is_letter_with_marks()

def generate_unaccent_rules.is_letter_with_marks (   codepoint,
Returns true for letters combined with one or more marks.

Definition at line 103 of file

103 def is_letter_with_marks(codepoint, table):
104  """Returns true for letters combined with one or more marks."""
105  # See
107  # Letter may have no combining characters, in which case it has
108  # no marks.
109  if len(codepoint.combining_ids) == 1:
110  return False
112  # A letter without diacritical marks has none of them.
113  if any(is_mark(table[i]) for i in codepoint.combining_ids[1:]) is False:
114  return False
116  # Check if the base letter of this letter has marks.
117  codepoint_base = codepoint.combining_ids[0]
118  if is_plain_letter(table[codepoint_base]) is False and \
119  is_letter_with_marks(table[codepoint_base], table) is False:
120  return False
122  return True

References is_mark(), is_plain_letter(), and len.

Referenced by get_plain_letter(), is_letter(), and main().

◆ is_ligature()

def generate_unaccent_rules.is_ligature (   codepoint,
Return true for letters combined with letters.

Definition at line 149 of file

149 def is_ligature(codepoint, table):
150  """Return true for letters combined with letters."""
151  return all(is_letter(table[i], table) for i in codepoint.combining_ids)

References is_letter().

Referenced by get_plain_letters(), and main().

◆ is_mark()

def generate_unaccent_rules.is_mark (   codepoint)
Returns true for diacritical marks (combining codepoints).

Definition at line 98 of file

98 def is_mark(codepoint):
99  """Returns true for diacritical marks (combining codepoints)."""
100  return codepoint.general_category in ("Mn", "Me", "Mc")

Referenced by is_letter_with_marks(), and is_mark_to_remove().

◆ is_mark_to_remove()

def generate_unaccent_rules.is_mark_to_remove (   codepoint)
Return true if this is a combining mark to remove.

Definition at line 79 of file

79 def is_mark_to_remove(codepoint):
80  """Return true if this is a combining mark to remove."""
81  if not is_mark(codepoint):
82  return False
84  for begin, end in COMBINING_MARK_RANGES:
85  if >= begin and <= end:
86  return True
87  return False

References is_mark().

Referenced by main().

◆ is_plain_letter()

def generate_unaccent_rules.is_plain_letter (   codepoint)
Return true if codepoint represents a "plain letter".

Definition at line 90 of file

90 def is_plain_letter(codepoint):
91  """Return true if codepoint represents a "plain letter"."""
92  for begin, end in PLAIN_LETTER_RANGES:
93  if >= begin and <= end:
94  return True
95  return False

Referenced by get_plain_letter(), is_letter(), and is_letter_with_marks().

◆ main()

def generate_unaccent_rules.main (   args)

Definition at line 223 of file

223 def main(args):
224  #
225  decomposition_type_pattern = re.compile(" *<[^>]*> *")
227  table = {}
228  all = []
230  # unordered set for ensure uniqueness
231  charactersSet = set()
233  # read file UnicodeData.txt
234  with
235  args.unicodeDataFilePath, mode='r', encoding='UTF-8',
236  ) as unicodeDataFile:
237  # read everything we need into memory
238  for line in unicodeDataFile:
239  fields = line.split(";")
240  if len(fields) > 5:
241  #
242  general_category = fields[2]
243  decomposition = fields[5]
244  decomposition = re.sub(decomposition_type_pattern, ' ', decomposition)
245  id = int(fields[0], 16)
246  combining_ids = [int(s, 16) for s in decomposition.split(" ") if s != ""]
247  codepoint = Codepoint(id, general_category, combining_ids)
248  table[id] = codepoint
249  all.append(codepoint)
251  # walk through all the codepoints looking for interesting mappings
252  for codepoint in all:
253  if codepoint.general_category.startswith('L') and \
254  len(codepoint.combining_ids) > 1:
255  if is_letter_with_marks(codepoint, table):
256  charactersSet.add((,
257  chr(get_plain_letter(codepoint, table).id)))
258  elif args.noLigaturesExpansion is False and is_ligature(codepoint, table):
259  charactersSet.add((,
260  "".join(chr(
261  for combining_codepoint
262  in get_plain_letters(codepoint, table))))
263  elif is_mark_to_remove(codepoint):
264  charactersSet.add((, None))
266  # add CLDR Latin-ASCII characters
267  if not args.noLigaturesExpansion:
268  charactersSet |= parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator(args.latinAsciiFilePath)
269  charactersSet |= special_cases()
271  # sort for more convenient display
272  charactersList = sorted(charactersSet, key=lambda characterPair: characterPair[0])
274  for characterPair in charactersList:
275  print_record(characterPair[0], characterPair[1])
def print_record(codepoint, letter)
def parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator(latinAsciiFilePath)

References get_plain_letter(), get_plain_letters(), is_letter_with_marks(), is_ligature(), is_mark_to_remove(), len, parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator(), print_record(), and special_cases().

◆ parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator()

def generate_unaccent_rules.parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator (   latinAsciiFilePath)
Parse the XML file and return a set of tuples (src, trg), where "src"
is the original character and "trg" the substitute.

Definition at line 160 of file

160 def parse_cldr_latin_ascii_transliterator(latinAsciiFilePath):
161  """Parse the XML file and return a set of tuples (src, trg), where "src"
162  is the original character and "trg" the substitute."""
163  charactersSet = set()
165  # RegEx to parse rules
166  rulePattern = re.compile(r'^(?:(.)|(\\u[0-9a-fA-F]{4})) \u2192 (?:\'(.+)\'|(.+)) ;')
168  # construct tree from XML
169  transliterationTree = ET.parse(latinAsciiFilePath)
170  transliterationTreeRoot = transliterationTree.getroot()
172  # Fetch all the transliteration rules. Since release 29 of Latin-ASCII.xml
173  # all the transliteration rules are located in a single tRule block with
174  # all rules separated into separate lines.
175  blockRules = transliterationTreeRoot.findall("./transforms/transform/tRule")
176  assert(len(blockRules) == 1)
178  # Split the block of rules into one element per line.
179  rules = blockRules[0].text.splitlines()
181  # And finish the processing of each individual rule.
182  for rule in rules:
183  matches =
185  # The regular expression capture four groups corresponding
186  # to the characters.
187  #
188  # Group 1: plain "src" char. Empty if group 2 is not.
189  # Group 2: unicode-escaped "src" char (e.g. "\u0110"). Empty if group 1 is not.
190  #
191  # Group 3: plain "trg" char. Empty if group 4 is not.
192  # Group 4: plain "trg" char between quotes. Empty if group 3 is not.
193  if matches is not None:
194  src = if is not None else bytes(, 'UTF-8').decode('unicode-escape')
195  trg = if is not None else
197  # "'" and """ are escaped
198  trg = trg.replace("\\'", "'").replace('\\"', '"')
200  # the parser of unaccent only accepts non-whitespace characters
201  # for "src" and "trg" (see unaccent.c)
202  if not src.isspace() and not trg.isspace():
203  charactersSet.add((ord(src), trg))
205  return charactersSet

References assert, and len.

Referenced by main().

◆ print_record()

def generate_unaccent_rules.print_record (   codepoint,

Definition at line 59 of file

59 def print_record(codepoint, letter):
60  if letter:
61  # If the letter has whitespace or double quotes, escape double
62  # quotes and apply more quotes around it.
63  if (' ' in letter) or ('"' in letter):
64  letter = '"' + letter.replace('"', '""') + '"'
65  output = chr(codepoint) + "\t" + letter
66  else:
67  output = chr(codepoint)
69  print(output)
void print(const void *obj)
Definition: print.c:36

References print().

Referenced by main().

◆ special_cases()

def generate_unaccent_rules.special_cases ( )
Returns the special cases which are not handled by other methods

Definition at line 208 of file

208 def special_cases():
209  """Returns the special cases which are not handled by other methods"""
210  charactersSet = set()
212  # Cyrillic
213  charactersSet.add((0x0401, "\u0415")) # CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IO
214  charactersSet.add((0x0451, "\u0435")) # CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IO
216  # Symbols of "Letterlike Symbols" Unicode Block (U+2100 to U+214F)
217  charactersSet.add((0x2103, "\xb0C")) # DEGREE CELSIUS
218  charactersSet.add((0x2109, "\xb0F")) # DEGREE FAHRENHEIT
220  return charactersSet

Referenced by main().

Variable Documentation

◆ action


Definition at line 282 of file

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◆ args

generate_unaccent_rules.args = parser.parse_args()

Definition at line 283 of file

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tuple generate_unaccent_rules.COMBINING_MARK_RANGES
Initial value:
1 = ((0x0300, 0x0362), # Mn: Accents, IPA
2  (0x20dd, 0x20E0), # Me: Symbols
3  (0x20e2, 0x20e4),)

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◆ dest


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◆ help ( void  )

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◆ parser

generate_unaccent_rules.parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='This script builds unaccent.rules on standard output when given the contents of UnicodeData.txt and Latin-ASCII.xml given as arguments.')

Definition at line 279 of file


tuple generate_unaccent_rules.PLAIN_LETTER_RANGES
Initial value:
1 = ((ord('a'), ord('z')), # Latin lower case
2  (ord('A'), ord('Z')), # Latin upper case
4  (0x0391, 0x03a9))

Definition at line 41 of file

◆ required

◆ stdout

◆ str


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◆ True


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◆ type


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